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Thread: Eagles Sign Jake Elliot from PS

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    Eagles Sign Jake Elliot from PS

    Per Rotoworld. Guessing he has to stick there for at least 3 weeks, right? Better hope Randy doesn't have any hiccups.

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    darn. was really hoping he'd last until the bye week, then we'd make the switch...

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    For ****ssakes.

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    This year just keeps getting better

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    We need the guy from U of Texas. Even if he misses, it'd be entertaining.

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    Rebecca Toback‏ @Rebecca_Toback 13m13 minutes agoMore

    Jake Elliott just missed another field goal for the #Eagles

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    I am so angry. 61 yards to win the game like it was nothing.

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    typical cincinnati, and bullock cant even keep it in the play of field on the kick off

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    And just missed from 48...

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    how fitting we lose because of that


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