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Thread: Eagles Sign Jake Elliot from PS

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    its almost as if people don't realize that Elliott missed one today too...

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    Jake Elliott on 61-yard game-winning field goal: It’s all a blur

    Posted by Josh Alper on September 25, 2017, 8:03 AM EDT

    Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliott missed a 52-yard field goal in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Giants that might have made last-second fireworks unnecessary, but he more than made up for the miss.

    After a Carson Wentz pass to Alshon Jeffery left the Eagles on the Giants’ 43-yard-line with a second to play, coach Doug Pederson called on Elliott to try a 61-yard field goal rather than go for a Hail Mary. Elliott, who said he was “demoralized” by the earlier miss, had never made a kick that far in a game before and said that he didn’t warm up from that distance before the game, but that didn’t stop him from knocking it through for a 27-24 win.

    Just don’t ask him for a detailed account of what he was feeling at the time.

    “It’s kind of all a blur to me,” Elliott said in comments distributed by the team. “I don’t really know; all I know is that the ball was in the air for a really long time and [it was] real close to that right upright.”

    Elliott’s make touched off a celebration that found him “just kind of running around trying not to get hurt” before he was ultimately carried off the field by his teammates. That’s not a bad ending for any player and a particularly good one for a player who lost a kicking competition in Cincinnati before landing with the Eagles due to Caleb Sturgis‘ injury.

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    Kicking is so focused on being able to make clutch kicks. It just makes no sense to me to actually draft a kicker. Let them cut their teeth with another team and then sweep them up. of the 32 kickers kicking in the NFL right now 4 were drafted by their team.

  4. I'm glad for the kid, wish we would have kept him...

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    That's the craziness of the NFL, without that 61 yarder they might be cutting him today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    He will kick for them for 10 years.

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    I believe that when it comes to most sports, talent is often similar between players, but circumstance rules supreme.

    In 2002, the Pats 1st Superbowl win, Jeff Wilkins missed a FG in the 1st QTR, but never got a shot to redeem himself while Vinateri kicked the game winner. In 2004 Vinateri missed 2 FGs but because of circumstance which had nothing to do with him he got another shot, kicked the winner and hasn't looked back on his way to the HOF.

    In my book Vinateri goes down as a 1 hit wonder who followed it up by blowing the next Superbowl if John Casey doesn't kick the ball off out of bounds.

    I am comfortable assuming that Elliot was never going to find himself in a circumstance here (under Marvin, with a jaded fan-base who boo "winning ugly" at home and have been so burned by kickers single handedly losing games recently that we assume every attempt is a miss) where he could gain the confidence necessary to be a good kicker in this league.

    Contrast that with PHI who has had such garbage for kicking the past 7 years of mostly crappy football and are just starting to believe their core can be great, picking him up with zero pressure (didn't use a draft pick) and an opportunity to make an impossible kick...and you have the kindling for lighting the right kind of confidence in a player. Good for him.

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    I guess by now we all have someone we’re mad about the Bengals getting rid of. He’s mine. I hope for the best with Bullock, but man...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mongo View Post
    I guess by now we all have someone we’re mad about the Bengals getting rid of. He’s mine. I hope for the best with Bullock, but man...
    I know Bullock missed the ome vs GB and that would’ve won the game for them. He has been perfect on XPs so far. His kickoffs overall have been good... a few short ones and i think Elliott is better in that phase, but from everything I’ve read, the summer kicking competition wasn’t close, so what can you do?

    So far, Bullock’s numbers are better in games. We will see if it continues, but I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out so far. Bullock is still young and can have a long and successful career.


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