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Thread: Week 2:@ Saints

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    Week 2:@ Saints

    We're inside today, so weather doesn't matter. Injuries do, however, as the inactive list shows.

    For the Saints Tackles Zach Strief and Terron Armstead, WR Austin Carr, QB Taysom Hill, DE Al-Quadim Muhhamad, LB Stephone Anthony, and CB Ken Crawley are inactive.

    For the Pats OL Cole Croston and LaAdrian Waddle, WR Danny Amendola and Matthew Slater, DL Vincent Valentine, LB Dont'a Hightower and S Nate Ebner are inactive.

    It'll be very interesting to see who steps up on offense as you have to expect the Saints will constantly double Cooks and Gronk.

    In other NFL news, Dallas owner Jerry Jones is reported to be holding up Roger's extension. It seems he thinks that the commish makes too much and wants him to take a pay cut with 'performance based' incentives!

    I never thought I would say this but: Go Jerry!

    Go Pats!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    First Quarter.

    Craig Wrolstad is the ref.

    Nanta and Romo have the call. I didn't get a chance to see them last week, so I'm excited to see how Romo does, since he got so much praise after week 1.

    The Saints won the toss and deferred. The Pats get the ball first. Dion Lewis is on kick return duty. Good.

    Pats P1: We start at the 25 after a touchback. We have an ugly, but productive, drive. The frist two plays go to Burkhead, a run and a pass that gets 5. On 3rd and 5, under pressure, Brady dumps it off to White who gets 12.

    After a pass to Cooks which was defended by Lattimore, and an ugly pitch to White that somehow gets 2, Brady again coverts on 3rd down, getting 12 with a pass to Gronk.

    Then we go to the ground. A 2 yard run for Burkhead, then 12 more on an end around to Cooks.

    Finally, we finish it in the air. Brady finds White for 10, then Burkhead for the 19 yard TD.

    The XP goes of the upright.

    6-0 Pats. 10:50 left.

    Brady was under pressure often, the line needs to play better.

    Saints P1: They start at the 38 after a return and a face mask on Longi. Another special teams penalty.

    They blew chances. They start out hot. Ingram gets 6 on a pitch, and Brees finds Thomas for 10 and a wide open Lewis for 15.

    But, after two runs gets 3 yards and Brees throws it away on 3rd and 7, they settle for a 46 yard FG,

    6-3 Pats, 7:38 left.

    Pats P2: We start at the 25 after a touchback.

    It was a strange and good drive. We start with play action to Cooks and again Lattimore defends it. On 2nd and 10, we play action to Burkhead, fake an end around to Hogan, then throw to Burkhead for an 18 yard gain.

    Gillislee gets his first touches next. He gets 6 on first down, on second he slips and loses two yards. On third, Brady is under pressure, escapes, and finds Gronk.

    Gronk takes it all the way. 53 yard TD!

    13-3 Pats, 5:29 left

    Saint2 P2: They start at the 28. Edmonds breaks a tackle at the 10, and has a great return. After a holding call on 1st down set the Saints back, they go three and out.

    Pats P3: We start at the 33 after a fair catch. Why is Chung on punt return duty? Give that to Dion, too. 4:09 left.

    We start out on the ground. Dorsett on an end around for 7, then Gillislee had back to back runs for a toal of 9 yards. On the second run, Trey Henrickson of the Saints was hurt.

    After a Burkhead drop, we had 3rd and 7. In what is the story of the game so far, they get pressure, Brady steps up and finds Gronk for 11.

    Brady then finds Dorsett up the sideline for 23. That put us at the 19. Gillislee runs for 3. Brady goes to Hogan in the endzone, but the pass is defended by Williams. Brady goes right back to Hogan on 3rd and 7, and gets the 16 yard TD.

    20-3 Pats! :16 left.

    Saints P3: They start at the 20. Kimera finishes the quarter with a 3 yard run. They will start with 2nd and 7 at the 23.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    They come back from the TV break strong. Brees starts out with an 11 yard pass to Ginn. They try a screen to Kamara but the ball is dropped. They have 2nd and 10, and then we make mistake #1.

    Flowers jumps offsides. On the 2nd and 5, we make mistake #2.

    Brees goes deep to Kamara. Chung has great coverage, but he doesn't look back, doesn't put his hand up, and Karama catches the ball for 38 yards.

    AP gets the next two touches and gains 11. That gave them 1st and 10 at the 11. Brees misses Thomas on first down, gets 6 with a play action to Hill on 2nd, and finishes the drive with a 5 yard TD to Coleman.

    20-10 Pats. 11:52 left.

    Pats P4: We start at the 25. Three and out. Brady sacked on third down. We also used a time out on the drive.

    Tony Romo has made an interesting observation. He's pointed out that the Saints are trying the same coverage on Gronk that KC did last week. But, Kenny Vaccarro is not Eric Berry and Gronk is winning the matchup.

    Saints P4: They start at the 39 with 10:31 left. Ginn with a nice return.

    They start out slow. A toss to Ingram gets 2, and then Brees overthrows Kamara. On 3rd and 8, Coleman goes deep to Coleman for 42.

    Ingram gets two on first down, and Brees throws the ball away on 2nd. The Saints take a timeout before 3rd and 8. Brees goes to Ginn in the endzone, but Jones knocks it away!

    On the FG, Jones jumps offisides. The Saints bring the offense out on 4th and 3. They try and draw us offsides, fail, and take the delay.

    On the retry of the 35 yard FG, they make it.

    20-13, Pats. 8:18 left.

    Pats P5: We start at the 25.

    We strike fast. Brady finds Gronk for 17.

    After White runs for 7, the Saints have a defensive breakdown, and Brady finds Hogan for 27. The safety prevents a TD.

    Lewis gets his first touch, but loses a yard. On the next play, Cooks gets open, Brady has a bad throw, but Cooks adjusts and makes a 23 yard catch to give us first and goal at the 2.

    Gillislee finishes the drive off with a touchdown run on the next play.

    27-13 Pats! 4:47 left

    Saints P5: They start at the 29.

    The Saints are agressive but they come up short. On the first play, Brees is in the gun, drops the snap, picks it up, and then finds Ingram for 6. He follows that up with a deep throw to Thomas. Gilmore is in coverage, and it's a 33 yard catch.

    The Saints find Hooman for 8, and then a run is stuffed for a loss of one. On 3rd and 3, Wise grabs Brees and Brees, still in the pocket, just throws it away. No grounding flag.

    They line up to go for it, and we call timeout #2. They try again, and Brees misses Ginn in the endzone. Turn over on downs.

    Pats P6: We start at the 25 with 2:23 left. Gillislee runs for 9, and we take it to the warning.

    After the warning, Brady keeps it for the first down, and then we go to the air.

    Brady finds White for 11. Andrews is called for holding on the run, and that gave us 1st and 12.

    Brady finds White for 23, then Hogan for 25. After a 1 yard pass to White, we call TO 3.

    Then it almost falls apart. Brady finds a wide open Gronk in the endzone, and Gronk drops it!

    On 3rd and 9, Brady /runs/ for 7. The FG team has to race on and they do. The snap is at :03 left on the clock, and the kick is good!

    30-13 Pats at the half.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Third Quarter.

    Saints P6: They start at the 25. They have an 8 play drive and on Wise ends it with a sack on 3rd and 7. They punt.

    Pats P7: We start at the 11 with 11:09 left. Ten plays. The Saints had two picks on the drive, both came back on penalties. (12 men on D on the first, holding on the second). During the drive, Hogan looked like he hurt his ankle, and after Vacarro erased his own pick by holding Gronk before it, Sean Payton pulled him off the field. We'll have to wait and see if he is back on it later.

    Saints P7: They start at the 34 with 7:34 left. Six plays. They miss a 49 yard FG.

    Pats P8: We start at the 39 with 4:55 left. There is good and bad. The good was the drive.

    Brady finds Higan for 7, and then Gillisee had two runs for 7.

    Brady went to Gronk for 21. We pulled it down, then, and Lewis had runs of 13 and 1. Brady missed Allen, and then found Hogan for 7. We settled for a 24 yard FG.

    The bad: Gronk may have hurt his back on the catch. He's gone into the blue tent to be looked at. I think that even if they think he can play, he should sit for the rest of the game.

    33-13 Pats :40 left.

    Saints P8: They start at the 33 after a nice return by Kimara.

    The quarter ends with a Brees pass to Kamara. On second down, Brees missed Kamara and Peat was called for hands to the face. That gaves them second and 10. Brees missed Fleener.

    They will start the 4th with 3rd and 10 from the 33.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    4th Quarter.

    Saints P8: The Saints throw once to Hill and then they punt.

    Pats P9: We start at the 11 with 14:19 left in the game. This was a strange drive. We start off with two throws to White and gain 29 yards. Gillislee had a 4 yard run, then Brady finds Cooks for 14, and Dorsett for 37. That gaves us first and goal from the 4. Then the strange hapens:

    1st and goal from the 4: Gillislee scores. However, the play comes back on an illegal shift on the Pats. In addition, Gillisee fumbled after getting into the endzone and the Saints recover. They challenge, and lose the challenge, since the fumble happened after the TD was scored. Saints lose TO 1.

    1st and goal from the 9: Gillislee gets 1, but we get called for holding.

    1st and goal from the 19: We call time out #1, then Gillisee runs for 7.

    2nd and goal from the 12: Brady finds Dorsett for 7.

    3rd and goal from the 5: Brady sacked at the 9.

    We kick a 27 yard FG. 36-13 Pats 8:49 left

    Gronk is questionable with a groin injury. Bell and Lattimore head to headed each other and both left the game.

    The Colts could get nothing out of Dorsett. He's been here two weeks and is making plays. However, Dorsett has gone into the tent.

    Saints P9: They start at the 25.

    They put together a nice drive, mostly in the air. It starts with Brees finding Ginn (7), Thomas (17), Ingram (incomplete), Ginn (drop), Thomas (9). That gave them a 4th and 1, and they decided to go for it. We call timeout two.

    After the timeout, AP gets 2 and the first. Brees goes back to the air to Coleman (35), Ingram (6), Ginn (5), and the 4 yard TD to Fleener.

    36-20, Pats 5:04 left.

    Pats P10: We start at the Saints 44 after Hogan recovers the onsides kick.

    We drive it to the two minutes warrning with 5 Gillisee runs (for 21) and a single 5 yard pass to Devlin. In addition, the Saints use both thier remaining time outs.

    After the warning, Cooks gets called for a false start and then he loses 7 on an end around. Why an end around? Feed Gillisee! We take a delay of game and then punt with 1:11 left.

    Saints P11: They start at the 8. They close out the game with a 6 play drive. No points.

    We win! 1-1. But, other than Cooks, who will play WR next week?? Is it time to call Q? To see if the Rams will trade Watkins? I dunno.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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