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    Week 3: Texans

    It's another Sunday and it's started off nicely with the Jags putting the smackdown on the Ravens. It's also Vince Wilfork's retirement party, in association with Kingsford, at Foxboro.

    The weather is in the 80s with decently high humidity, so weather might be a factor today.

    Inactives for the Texans are Guards Jah Reid and Jeff Allen, RB Alfred Blue, WRs Will Fuller and Andy Jones, DE Carlos Watkins and CB Kevin Johnson.

    Inactives for the Pats are offensive linemen Marcus Cannon and Cole Croston, RB Rex Burkhead, WR Mathew Slater, LBs Harvey Langi and Dont'a Hightower and CB Eric Rowe.

    Go Pats!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Pregame notes:

    Brady was the AFC offensive player of the week for week two.

    The broadcast team is Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.

    First Quarter

    OMG! Many of the Pats are kneeling! I totally support it, but it also shocked me! It's something so un Patriot way. Wow.

    We win the toss and deferred.

    Texas P1: They start at the 21. Three and out. Flowers with a sack on second down.

    Pats P1: We start at the 49 after a great return by Danny Amendola! 13:32 left.

    The drive starts slow. JJ Watt makes two tackles for loss to start it off and we had 3rd and 13. Brady comes up big, however, and finds Cooks for 44.

    That gave us first and goal at the 10. After another run stop for the Texans, Brady finds White at the 1. It comes back on holding on Banks, as BB decides to take 1st and goal at the 5 over 3rd and goal at the 1.

    Brady misses Hogan and Gronk, but finds Gronk for the touchdown on 3rd down.

    7-0 Pats. 10:33 left

    Texans P2: They start at the 22.

    On the first play, we stop Foreman after a gain of a yard. On the next play, Watson goes play action and throws deep to Hopkins. The pass is incomplete, but Gilmore is called for PI. Fouts thinks it is a bad call, I disagree. 34 yard gain.

    They follow that up with a 14 yard catch by Anderson. They they stall. Ellington loses a yard on an end around, then makes a 5 yard catch. Watson runs for 4. On 4th and 2 they try and draw us off, fail, call timeout, and then take the 39 yard FG.

    7-3. 7:23 left

    Pats P2: We start at the 25. Three and out.

    Texans P3: They start at the 18 with 5:58 left. Three and out.

    Pats P3: We start at the 6 with 4:23 left. Three and out.

    Texans P4: They start at the Pats 44 with 2:31 left. Bad punt. Two play drive. Watson finds Miller for 14, then Ellington for 29. Well done.

    10-7 Texans. 1:51 left.

    Pats P4: We start at the 25. We use the rest of the quarter.

    We start with Brady finding Gronk. Gronk makes 22, the ball gets punched out, kicked by Merciless and goes out of bounds. Pats keep it at the spot of the fumble.

    Brady overthrows Allen, and then finds Hogan for 11. After Lewis runs for 4, Clowney sacks Brady. We'll start the second in 3rd and long.
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    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Second Quarter:

    Pats P4 (cont): After offsides on Clowney, Brady finds Gronk for 4. We punt.

    Texans P5: They start at the 11 with 14:16 left.

    After gaining 7 yards on play action to Miller, and 7 more on a Miller run, Watson is picked by Gilmore!

    Pats P5: We start at the Texans 12 with 12:57 left.

    Fast drive. Brady finds Danny at the 6, but McKinney is called for holding on Gronk. We take the penalty. On first and goal from the 7, Brady finds a wide open Hogan for the TD!

    14-10 Pats. 12:25 left

    Texans P6: They start at the 23.

    Miller starts them off with 2 runs for 15 yards. Then they alsmost fall apart. A false start and a hold on back to back plays gave them 2nd and 20. Watson bounces back, finding Hopkins for 15 and running for 6 on 3rd and 5.

    The next play he finds Hopkins for 13, Gilmour is called for a personal foul after the catch. Fouts calls it a bad call, I agree this time.

    But after gaining just 4 yards on the next three plays, they settle for a 40 yard FG.

    14-13 Pats. 7:01 left.

    Pats P6: We start at the 25. Bad drive. On second and 7, Brady is under pressure, the ball comes out and pops into the the air. Clowney catches it and takes it to the house.

    20-14 Texans. 6:15 left.

    Pats P7: We start at the 25. Good drive! Gillislee starts us off with 2 runs for 11 yards.

    After Brady missed Hogan and Gillislee gets just 1, we had 3rd and 9. Brady finds Danny for 16. The Texans take timeout #2, to rest the defense, with 4:07 left.

    On the next play, Brady finds a wide open Hogan for a 47 yard TD. He may have been down at the 1, but there was not enough evidence to overturn it.

    21-20 Pats! 3:58 left.

    Texans P7: They start at the 16.

    On the way to the warning, they are sloppy. Watson finds Hopkins for 5. On second down, they get called for illegal formation, get disorganized and call timeout 3 with 2:44 left. Passes to Hopkins (5) and Griffin (7) get them a first down at the warning.

    After the warning, two scrambles and a Miller run gain a total of 9. We call timeout #1 with 1:13 left in the half. They punt.

    Pats P8: We start at the 30 with 1:02 left. 4 plays and the half ends.

    It's been a good game so far. It's the kind of game you expect between playoff teams.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Third Quarter:

    Pats P9: We start at the 19. Bad choice for Lewis to bring it out from 8 yards deep.

    The drive is all passes! Cooks (2), Gronk (14), Lewis (2), Hollister (20, he took a shot), Cooks (42 and the TD)

    28-20 Pats. 12:45 left.

    Texans P8: They start at the 30 after a touchback and offisdes on Bolden on the kickoff.

    Crazy drive. It starts up with Watkinks to Hopkinks for 5, then runs by Miller for 5, and Watson for 7.

    Then Watson is sacked by Marsh, and then they take a delay of game. It gave them 2nd and 22. Watson runs around, keeps the play alive forever and finds Giffrin for 35.

    Miller gets two carries and gains 11 yards. Watson finds Griffin for 3, and overthrows Ellington. However, Van Noy was called for illegal contact giving them a first down.

    The next play, Flowers gets pressure, Watson throws and the ball is batted down by Wise. Watson finds Griffin on the next play for the 18 yard TD.

    28-27 Pats. 7:12 left.

    Pats P10: We start at the 25. 10 plays then a punt. The Texans challenge a play on the drive and lose.

    Texans P9: They start at the 20 with 1:42 left.

    They get five plays off before the quarter ends. Foreman runs for 3. Watson throws twice to Ellington. The first goes off his hands, the second is caught for 7. Runs for Irvin (4) and Foreman (5) end the quarter.

    They start the 4th with a 3rd and 1 from the 39.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Fourth Quarter:

    Texans P9 (cont)

    It becomes the Foreman show. He gets two carries for 7.

    On the next play, Watson throws to him. Van Noy jumps the route and misses the pick. Foreman catches it and runs 34 yards. He adds 7 more on two carries.

    After Anderson is overthrown in the endzone, they make a 31 yard FG.

    Texans 30-28. 12:13 left

    Pats P11: We start at the 25. Three and out.

    Texans P10: They start at the 13 with 10:28 left. 7 plays and a punt.

    Pats P12: We start at the 7 with 7:19 left. Hopefully, we take 7:18 of that and score the TD. Go offense! Three and out. Gronk held on 3rd down.

    Texans P11: They start at the 33 with 5:55 left.

    This showed why the Browns should have taken Watson. On the first play, he finds Griffin for 13, but it comes back on OPI.

    On first and 20, Watson avoids being sacked 4 times and then finds Foreman for 31!

    Miller runs for 1, Ellington makes an 18 yard catch. Miller runs 3 times and they make a 36 yard FG.

    Texans lead 33-28. 2;24 left. Pats have 1 timeout, Houston has 2.

    Pats P13: We start at the 25.

    It's not looking good. Brady missed Danny and Cooks. Andrews held on the Cooks play and they took it. Brady finds Gronk for 8 and we go to the warning with a 3rd and 12.

    After the warning, Brady finds Gronk for 15 and Cooks for 18. He's the stripped, but Andrews falls on the ball. A deep pass to Cooks is incomplete.

    Texans take timeout with us facing 3rd and 18.

    Brady finds Danny for 28, and the Cooks for a long TD with 23 seconds left!

    We go for two and make it. Brady to Cooks again!

    Pats 36-33, :23 seconds left. WOW!!

    Texans P12: They start at the 25.

    1st and 10 at the 25 (:23 left): Watson to Hopkins for 23.

    Texans call timeout with just 3 seconds left. Watson take way too long to call the last timeout. Hopkinks was down with 13 seconds. The game comes to this play.

    1st and 10 at the 48. 3 seconds left. Watson hail mary picked by Harmon!

    We win!

    Pats win!

    What a game!


    Miami loses to the Jets. Denver loses to the Bills, Baltimore loses to the Jags, Steelers lose to the Bears!

    This week may mean a ton come January!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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