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Thread: Week 4: Panthers

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    Week 4: Panthers

    A good start to the weekend with the Saints shutting out Miami in London. Over the last two weeks the Dolphins, who were supposed to be a playoff team, have been outscored 40 to 6 by the Jets and Saints.

    With the Bills playing Atlanta, and the Jets playing the Jags, the Pats, with a win, could be alone in first in the AFC East fot the first time this season.

    The weather should not be a factor today. Temperatures in the low 60s and low to no wind.

    The Panthers inactives are C Ryan Kalil, OT John Theus, QB Brad Kaaya, WR Curtis Samuel, DEs Bryan Cox and Daeshon Hall, and DB Daryl Worley. For a reason I don't understand, Ron Rivera listed Ryan Kalil as OC (offensive center.). Is there a defensive center I don't know about?

    The Pats inactives are OL Cole Croston, OT LaAdrian Waddle, RB Rex Burkhead, WR Matthew Slater, LBs David Harris and Harvi Langi and S Brandon King.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    First Quarter

    Our broadcast team is Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

    Brady won the AFC Offensive Player of the week again in Week 3.

    Panthers won the toss and deferred.

    Pats P1: Start at the 25 after a touchback. We blow the drive.

    It starts hot with Brady going 4 for 4. He found Cooks (5), Gronk (17) and back to back to Amendola. (6 and 16).

    But, then it went sour. Brady missed a wide open Cooks inside the 10, and the made a bad screen throw to White. Hogan got 8 on 3rd and 10.

    We made a 41 yard FG.

    3-0 Pats. 11:47 left.

    Panthers P1: They start at the 25 after a touchback. They also blow the drive.

    After Stewart is held to a 1 yard gain, the defense vanishes. Cam finds Funchess (14), Dickson (21), and Dickson on a screen (12).

    McCaffery runs for 4, Cam overthrows Funchess in the endzone. On 3rd and 6, he is almos sacked, escapes and scrambles for 3.

    They make a 32 yard FG.

    3-3 7:41 left.

    Pats P2: We start at the 25 after a touchback.

    Not a good drive. Gillisee gets 5, and then Brady finds Develin for 6.

    A screen to White gets 5. Brady's next pass goes off Hogan's hands and falls incomplete. On 3rd and 5, Brady find Gronk for 14. It comes back on OPI on Danny, and Brady is sacked by Johnson on 3rd and 15. We punt.

    Panthers P2: They start at the 36 with 4:27 left.

    Yes! Two runs and then a Butler pick!

    Pats P3: We start at the 26 with 3:11 left.

    We hold the ball for the rest of the quarter. It starts with 3 runs, all to Gillisee, for a total of 17 yards. Then we have three passes in a row. Develin gets the first for 8 yards, and White gets the next two. (3 and 4)

    The Pats have 2nd and 6 to start the second quarter.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Second Quarter.

    Pats P3 (continued):

    This started crazy. On 2nd and 6, Brady finds Gronk for 10. It comes back on OPI on Gronk. It was a bad call.

    On 2nd and 16, Brady escapes pressure, has all day and goes deep to Gronk. It's incomplete and DPI is called on Adams. It's a good call, but Gronk goes overboard on selling it. 33 yard pickup.

    A screen to Lewis and a 5 yard Gillislee run gave the Pats 1st and goal at the 6. Coleman, of the Panthers, was hurt on the Gillislee run.

    On first and goal, Lewis made it to the 2. On second down, play action to Hollister misses. On 3rd down Brady finds Hogan for the TD!

    3rd and goal at the 2 and we were in shotgun. It boggles the mind.

    10-3 Pats. 12:39 left.

    Panthers P3: They start at the 25 after a touchback.

    They answer. It starts with a dump off pass to McCaffrey that he takes for 10. After a 3 yard pitch for Stewart, Cam goes to Funchess. The ball is ruled caught out of bounds. After the Panthers challenge the call is revesed and it is a 10 yard fain.

    Then the defense vanishes. A screen to McCaffrey gets 11, an end around to Byrd gets 13, and a screen to Whittaker get a 28 yard TD.

    10-10 9:41 left.

    We are not playing well this year on middirection type plays. This goes back all the way to week one. Byrd was injured on his run, and Coleman has been ruled out.

    Pats P4: We start at the 26. The kick off was short and bounced to Lewis. The drive is an up and down drive.

    It starts off with White running for 8. A busted play leads to Gillislee losing 2 yards. On 3rd and 4, Brady finds White for 5. We stay on the ground for three more plays. Gillislee gets two touches for 9 yards and Brady coverts 3rd and 1 on a sneak.

    On the next play, Peppers sacks Brady. TB 12 answers by finding Gronk for 43.

    A screen to White loses 2 yard and on that play, Mario Addison is hurt. Brady goes to Gronk but Adams defends the pass. After a miss to Hogan on 3rd down, we make a 35 yard FG.

    13-10 Pats. 4:30 left

    Panthers P4: They start at the 16 after McCaffrey brings it out of the endzone.

    Cam in under pressure on first down, scrambles and is bought down by Van Noy for what is called a sack for as he made it back to the line of scrimmage. Stewart was held to 2, and then on 3rd and 8, Cam dumps it off 3 yard to Funchess. Rowe misses the tackle and Funchess gets 13.

    An 11 yard pass to Benjamin and no run for no gain by Maccafrey brings us to the warning with a 2nd and 10 for Carolina.

    After the warning, Cam scrambles for a yard. After that, Cam finds Benjamin wide open for a gain of 42.

    That brough them to the 15. McCaffrety runs for 4 and gets out with 31 seconds left. Cam then finds Funchess for an 11 yard TD.

    Man, do we miss Logan Ryan. Eric Rowe has been terrible. The last two passes of this drive were to wide open guys. Matty P is jumping all over the secondary.

    17-13 Panthers.

    Pats P5: We start at the 25 after a touchback. We don't just kneel. Brady finds White for 8, and then we take Timeout 1. Brady goes deep to Hogan, and Adams knocks the ball down. On 3rd and 2, Brady goes back to Hogan for 27 yards. We call timeout.

    We try a 58 yard FG and make it!

    17-16 Panthers. They get the ball to start the second half.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Third Quarter.

    Panthers P5: They start at the 25 after a touchback.

    The first play of the second half is a play action to Benjamin. It gains 11 yards and Rowe was hurt on the play.

    They stay in the air. Dickson for 24, an overthrow of McCaffrey, and Shepherd for 14. Then they turn to the ground.

    They regret it. Stewart gets 14, and then on the next carry, Flowers strips him and Roberts recovers for the Pats.

    We dodged a bullet that drive.

    Pats P6: We start at the 7 with 12:19 left. 7 plays and a punt. The last play of the drive is a sack by Peppers and Love.

    Panthers P6: They start at the 32 with 9:17 left.

    They start mostly on the ground. Stewart gets two carries for 12. Cam then finds Whittaker for 6. McCaffrey runs for 8, and Cam has a QB keeper that gets 8. Elandon Roberts hurt on that play.

    We almost get off the field. Cam finds McCaffrey for 1, Stewart runs for 1, and Cam is incomplete to Funchess on 3rd and 8. However, Gilmour is called for hands to the face on the other side of the field and they get a first down.

    They go to the air with passes to Funchess and Whittaker for a total of 3. Cam keeps it on 3rd and 7 and gets 13. They finish the drive with a 16 yard TD pass to Funchess.

    They miss the XP!

    23-16 Panthers. 2:47 left.

    Man, the defense is just horrible today.

    Pats P7: We start at the 25 after a touchback. 4 plays and a punt.

    Panthers P7: They start at the 36 after Jones is hit by the ball. Silly thing to be a penalty. He doesn't hit it on purpose, it goes off his arm as it comes down. 0:48 left.

    They finish the third off. Cam misses McCaffrey. Flowers jumps offsides, and McCaffrey gets a yard on the 2nd and 5 play. They'll start with 3rd and 4.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Fourth Quarter.

    Panthers P7 continued. They drive it down our throats. Cam finds Benjamin for 39. Stewart runs for 3, Cam finds McCaffrey for 9. Cam keeps it himself for the 7 yard TD.

    30-16 Panthers. 12:58 left.

    Pats P8: We start at the 25 after a touchback.

    We start in the air. Brady goes to White for 6 and 7, then Hogan for 16. After Lewis runs for 1, Brady goes back to White twice. Once for 7 and a drop on 3rd and 2. On 4th and 3 we go for it. Gronk makes the catch for 13.

    Brady make it count. He finds Dorsett for 18, and Lewis runs it in for an 8 yard TD.

    Panthers 30-23. 8:46 left.

    Now, the defense needs to make a stop to give us a chance. Can they do it?

    Panthers P8: They start at the 21.

    The first play of the drive is a play action to Stewart. The pass is dropped. The Panthers take time out #1 to avoid a delay of game.

    Stewart gets 5 on second down. Trai Turner hurt on the play. On 3rd down, Cam is sacked by Hightower! Defense holds!

    Pats P9: We start at the Panthers 49 with 7:27 left. We have a chance and we take advantage!

    Brady starts by going to Cooks for 17. He goes back to Cooks, but the ball is dropped. Passes to Gronk (7) and Danny (5) gets the first down.

    We then run Cooks on and end around for 4, and a second throw to Danny gets 10. We have a first and goal at the 6.

    Lewis runs for 5, Gillislee gets nothing, Hogan drops a TD, and then 4th and 1 it's Dany, again, for the TD!

    30-30 3:09 left. Again, the defense needs a stop! Give us the chance to win it.

    Panthers P9: They start at the 24. Here is how the last 3 minutes played out.

    1st and 10 from the 24. 3:04 left. Dickson drops the pass.
    2nd and 10 from the 24. 3:00 left. Stewart for 3 up the middle. Marsh on the tackle.
    3rd and 7 from the 27. 2:30 left. Sack by Wise!!! Comes back on hands to the face on Gilmour. Second time in the game we had a stop and he erases it with hands to the face on Funchess. Is it really that hard to not hit a guy there??
    1st and 10 from the 32. 2:13 left. Stewart runs for 15.
    1st and 10 from the 47. 2:00 left. Cam deep. Funchess knocks the ball away from Butler to save a pick. Funchess hurt.
    2nd and 10 from the 47. 1:53 left. Cam keeps the ball and gets 6. Funchess back.
    3rd and 4 from the Pats 47. 1:15 left. Cam to Funchess for 5. Carolina with an injury timeout for Funchess.
    1st and 10 from the 42. :47 left. Stewart for 3. Holding on Chung.
    1st and 10 from the 34. :41 left. Cam keeper for 3.
    2nd and 10 from the 31. :04 seconds left. Panther timeout 3.
    3rd and 6 from the 32. Freeze timeout. That Pats timeout 1.
    3rd and 6 from the 32: 48 yard FG is good.

    33-30 Panthers.

    Why did we not use timeouts? Seriously, what the hell was up with the coaching staff?

    Why are we paying Gilmour so much? He's done nothing in 4 games and literally gave the Panthers 10 points from stupid penalities.

    Wouldn't we be better with Butler extended and Marty Bennett and Logan Ryan still here then having Gilmour and Dwayne Allen?

    We are wasting a great offense this year with a terrible defense.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    The two or three times a game that Gilmore blows coverage is the same thing he did in Buffalo and, along with his brittleness, the reason I think he is overpaid and Buffalo will now win the division.
    Go, Flaming Thumbtacks!


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