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Thread: Tyler Eifert could have season-ending back surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Eifert using the same doctor who did Rob Gronkowski and Peyton Manning's back surgeries.
    There's an interesting article in the San Diego Tribune Review speculating about Eifert's surgery.

    Among the points raised...

    Eifert's current injury was said to be new and unrelated to his previous injuries, including those requiring surgery.

    As announced, Eifert's estimated recovery period for his most recent surgery is 4-6 months, far longer than the typical 4-8 week recovery period for a herniated disc. The article notes that many NFL players who suffer a herniated disc are able to recover and return to play the same season.

    This has led to speculation that his most recent surgery was a disc fusion operation that would likely end his career.

    The article notes the 4-6 month projection could simply be a very conservative and cautious guess, but if true Eifert could easily miss the beginning of free agency next year.

    According to the article no known video of Eifert being injured exists.

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    It had to be that hit from JJoe. The way they were stretching him out after that play made me think that he was dealing with some back spasms. Regardless, I am guessing after two herniated discs and now whatever this is, he is really only chasing any kind of gtd. money he can get. I'd love to see him back on an incentive-laden type deal, but I am a huge fanboy and realize that he probably doesn't have 16 games in his body of the rest of his career with a back that bad. He would be wise to sign with a team and just be a red zone only piece. Eliminate a lot of risk that comes with getting nailed in the middle. He was never a great seam-buster as it was.

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    Continuing disc issues in the spine. Fusion was tossed around back in '09, then rest and therapy - he did some surgery when one popped out. Disc issue last year. Disc issue this year. You only have so many of those...
    It will be team-friendly wherever he goes. The Bengals will be open to it, on their terms - which could be Burfict like with heavy money in 46-man active dollars.
    Honestly though, the agency Eifert is with will look elsewhere. I wouldn't be shocked if you saw kind of the 'paper' big deal - multiple years, big dollars - but then when it's really broken down it turns out to be like a one-year "prove it" anyway.
    Both quotes from Jim O. on reddit. Looks like another disc issue, but fusion would be more in line with the timeline.

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    Maybe he should just have all of his discs removed. Then he’ll never have to worry about them ever again. :P


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