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Thread: Week 6: Jets

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    Week 6: Jets

    It's Jets week. The Pats first division game. The winner of this game will be in first place in the division since the Bills have a bye. It's bigger for the Jets since if they lose they will hav2 division losses with half thier division games over.

    The weather will be in the low 70s with no precip.

    The Jets inactives are C Jonotthan Harrison, RB Bilal Powell, TE Jordan Leggett, QB Christian Hackenberg, LBs Freddie Bishop and Obum Gwachum and CB Derrick Jones.

    The Pats inactives are RB Rex Burkhead, OLmen Cole Croston and LaAdrian Waddle LBs David Harris and Harvi Langi, and CBs Eric Rowe and Stephen Gilmour.

    Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts have the call.

    Go Pats!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    First Quarter.

    We won the toss and deferred.

    Jets Possession 1. They start at the 12 after bringing the kick out. They have a good drive aided heavily by terrible third down defense.

    It starts well with Flowers batting down the first pass of the game. They go deep to Anderson and Butler rips the ball out. On 3rd and 10, Butler is fooled and Anderson makes a 22 yard catch and run.

    Forte gets two, and a low pass to Anderson gives them 3rd and 8. McCown keeps it and runs for 16.

    After a McCown pass to Forte gets 12 we again step up. A run for McGuire and a pass to Stewart each get two yards. But, on 3rd and 6, McCown escapes from Flowers and finds Kerley for 30 and a first and goal at the 1.

    We stop McGuire, then Forte, and give up a third down touchdown pass to Sefarian-Jenkins.

    7-0 Jets. 9:08 left.

    Pats Possession 1. We start at the 25. 8 plays and a punt.

    Jets Possession 2. They start at the 4 with 5:31 left. Three and out.

    Pats Possession 2. We start at the 47 with 3:55 left. We blow this drive.

    It start with Gillislee getting three carries for 18 yards. That gaves us second and 6.

    Brady finds White. White slips and gets just a yard. But, we convert the third down and 5 with a 7 yard catch by Cooks.

    Then, we give the ball back to Gillislee. He fumbles. Skrine recovers. Jets ball.

    Jets Possesion 3. They start at the 22 with :51 left. The quarter ends with them moving it through the air. Catches for Forte and Sefarian Jenkins will give them 2nd and 2 at the 45 to start the second.

    The Jets won the first quarter.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Second Quarter.

    Jets Possession 3 (continued).

    The Jets go a little conservative. McGuire gets three for the first down. McCown finds Sefarian-Jenkins for 6, and then McGuire gets dropped for a loss of 1. They call timeout 1 with 13:04 left and remember we have no defense.

    They go back to the air. McCown finds Kearse for 16 and Kerley for a 31 yard TD.

    14-0 Jets. 12:18 left.

    Pats Possession 3. We start at the 25 after a touchback. Three and out.

    Jets Possesssion 4. They start at the 38 with 11:15 left. Three and out.

    Pats Possession 4. We start at the 7 with 9:43 left. We finally get something.

    It starts off with Lewis running for 3, and the Brady finds Gronk for 26.

    After that we run back to back play action passes. The first is defended by Skrine, and second is to Cooks. It works, but only ges 3. However, on 3rd and 7, Brady finds Danny for 17!

    Lewis gets the next three touches and gains 21 on those carries. Brady goes to Gronk in the endzone. It is incomplete, but the first flag of the day is PI on Adams in the endzone. Lewis punches it in on the next play.

    14-7 Jets. 5:19 left.

    Jets Possession 5. They start at the 27. Three and out!

    Pats Possession 5. We start at the 21 with 3:17 left. Not good. After an incomplete pass to Hogan, we go deep to Dorsett and Skrine picks it. Hogan was hurt on the first play.

    Jets Possession 6. They start at the 22 with 3:02 left. Two plays bring us to the warning. They were a 7 yard pass to Kearse that the refs marked as 9, and a 1 yard loss by McGuire. They'll have 3rd and 2 after the warning.

    Van Noy with a 3rd and 2 sack! Pats get the ball back! We also use our first time out after the sack.

    Pats Possession 6. We start at the 43 with 1:38 left.

    1st and 10 at the 43. 1:38 left. Brady to Danny. 12. Roughness on Jenkins post play.
    1st and 10 at the Jets 29. 1:25 left. Brady overthrows Hogan. Hogan is ok.
    2nd and 10. 1:21 left. Brady to Gronk. Defended by Lee.
    3rd and 10: Brady pass tipped by Ealy. We went for too many deep shots. Get first downs.

    We go for the 47 yard field goal and we miss. We are making so many mistakes.

    Jets Possession 7. They start at the 37 with 1:07 left.

    1st and 10 from the 37. McCown to Sefarian Jenkins for 6.
    2nd and 4 from the 43. 1:02 left. Throw away.
    3rd and 4. :57 left. McCown to Sefarian-Jenkins, 11
    1st and 10 at the Pats 47. :53 left. McCown to Kearse. 10. Hands to the face on Shell brings it back.
    1st and 20 at the Jets 43. :48 left. McCown to Forte, 8. Jets timeout 2.
    2nd and 12 from the Pats 59. :40 left. Butler with the Pick!!

    Pats Possession 7. We start at the 37 with :35 left.

    1st and 10: Ealy bats down the pass.
    2nd and 10. :30 left. White, 9. Pats timeout 2.
    3rd and 1 at the 46. :26 left. Brady to Danny. 10. He goes OOB. Skrine seems to be hurt. That also takes away the Jets last timeout of the half.
    1st and 10 at the Jets 44. :22 left. Brady to Cooks! 42!
    1st and goal at the 2. :15 left. Brady to Gronk, drop.
    2nd and goal. :12 left. Brady to Gronk! Touchdown!!

    14-14! 9 seconds left.

    Skrine seems to be cramping. He should be back.

    Jets Possession 8. They start at the 25. The Jets kneel to end the half.

    We have played terrible. Two turnovers, some bad third down defense and a missed field goal and we are tied at the half. If we can play one half of Patriot football we'll win. We get the ball to start the second half.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Third Quarter.

    Skrine will be back.

    Pats Possession 8. We start at the 25 after a touchback. A good, but up and down, drive.

    It starts great. Lewis bounces outside for 11, Brady finds Cooks for 17, and Lewis goes up the middle for 7.

    Then it goes bad. Brady finds Cooks for about 20, but it comes back on OPI on Hogan. That gave us second and 13. Brady finds Dorsett at the stickss, but Roberts knocks the ball down. On 3rd and 13, Cooks comes through for 19.

    The Jets stop Lewis for loss of 1, and Skire breaks up a pass to Dorsett at the 1. On 3rd and 11, though, Gronk beats Adams and goes all the way. 33 yard TD.

    Pats 21-14!! 11:22 left.

    Jets Possession 9. They start at the 14 after Stewart brings it out of the endzone.

    They start off good and bad. McCown goes to Stewart. It's incomplete and Stewart limps off after the pay. McCown then finds Anderson down the sidelines for 21. After Forte gets 1, the Jets are confused and take timeout 1 with 10:01 left.

    After the timeout, McCown finds Cadet for 7. We then call timeout 1, with 9:37 left, so that we do not get called for 12 men. Both teams have wasted a timeout.

    Wow. Mccown picks up the first with a 6 yard scramble. After a Forte 1 yard run is followed by a 1 yard sack by Branch, the Jets faced 3rd and 10.

    And call timeout 2 with 7:21 left to avoid delay. Again.

    Then they get smart and go to Cadet. A catch for 12. A run for 3. A catch for 6. 3rd and 1.

    Forte comes in. No gain.

    4th and 1. Deep drop, throw and intercepted by McCourty!

    Pats Possession 9. We start at the 28 with 4:41 left. We hold the ball for the rest of the quarter.

    Brady starts off by finding Gronk for 13. After a Gillisee 2 yard run, Brady goes to Hogan. It is incomplete, but Skrine is called for holding.

    Two Gillisee runs get 7, and White makes a 16 yard catch to keep the drive going. We go back to Gillisee twce more for 12. On the second run, Willams is hurt and hands to the face on Lee gives us five more yards. The last play of the quarter is a 5 yard catch by Gronk.

    We'll have 2nd and 5 from the Jets 6 to start the fourth.

    We won the third!
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    Fourth Quarter:

    Pats Possession 9 continued.

    We come out throwing. Brady misses Hogan and Cooks is called for OPI. We have 2nd and 15. Brady misses White, and then we just run the ball with White for 6.

    We make a 27 yard fg.

    24-14 Pats. 14:10

    Jets Possession 10. They start at the 25 after a touchback. The Jets put together a nice drive.

    They start with a McGuire run for 3. McCown then finds Sefarian-Jenkins for 12. They gave the ball back to McGuire. He ran for 14, and Branch is called for holding adding 5 yards to the run.

    McCown then finds Thomas for 5. Stewart runs for 5, McGuire runs for 2, and then McCown finds Forte on back to back pasees for 17.

    After a throw away, McGuire runs for 3 and a first down on 3rd and 1. In addition, Brown is called for holding. That gave the Jets 1st and goal at the 5.

    McCown overthew Anderson on first down. He found Sefarian-Jenkins on second down. It was almost a touchdown and was ruled on review to be a fumble though the endzone. Pats ball at the 20. However, I think that it as a bad call and should be a Jets TD.

    Pats Possession 10. We start at the 20 with 8:49 left. Three and out.

    Jets Possession 11. They start at the 35 with 6:32 left.

    They start out explosive. McCown finds Kearse for 44 and then 10. That put them at the Pats 11.

    A shovel pass to Forte gained 4. McCown over throws Anderson in the endzone on second down. On third he run around forever, dumps it to Forte who gets stopped 3 yards short of the first down. They make a 28 yard field goal.

    24-17 Pats. 3:40 left.

    Pats Possesssion 11. We start at the 17. Three and out. We use timeout 2 with 2:10 left and the punt will get the game to the warning.

    Jets Possession 12. They start at the 27 after a holding call on the return.

    1st and 10 at the 27 with 1:53 left. Incomplete pass to Sefarian-Jenkins.
    2nd and 10. 1:49 left. McCown sacked at the 20! Hightower and Wise! Jets take thier last timeout.
    3rd and 17 with 1:38 left. McCown to Anderson for 5.
    4th and 12 with :18 left. Mcown to Anderson for 32
    1st and 10: Spike.
    2nd and 10 at the Pats 43. :52 left. Harmon drops a pick at the 5!
    3rd and 10. :44 left. McCown sacked by Van Noy!
    4th and 17 at the 50. Incomplete pass!

    Pats win!!!

    We can say that we escaped. The defense still needs work. The offense needs more consistency. That said we are 4 and 2.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.


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