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Thread: Marvin to step down after the season.

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    Time to clean house. Not just Marvin, but the coaches, the front office, etc.

    Of course none of this will happen until Mike Brown dies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    He literally should be left behind in Jacksonville.
    I’d tell him and Alexander to Uber it. And a minivan at that, for their oversized egos and fat asses.

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    Has he been fired yet?

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    Offensive Coordinator
    Jim Bob Cooter, Lions OC:
    Todd Downing, Raiders OC:
    Harold Goodwin, Cards OC: AFC North (Stealers Offensive Assistant 2007-2011), OL coaching experience
    Todd Haley, Stealers OC: AFC North (Stealers, 2012-Present), Chiefs HC 2009-2011 (19-26)
    Matt LaFleur, Rams OC:
    Mike McCoy, Broncos OC: Chargers HC 2013-2016 (27-37)
    Josh McDaniels, Patriots OC: John Carroll Graduate, Broncos HC (11-17)
    Matt Nagy, Chiefs OC: Former Columbus Arena league baller
    Frank Reich, Eagles OC:
    Ken Whisenhunt, Chargers OC: AFC North (Ravens-Browns-Stealers 1997-2006) Cardinals Head Coach, 2007-2012, Titans Head Coach 2014-2015 (48-71)

    Offensive Assistants
    John DeFelippo, Eagles QBs Coach: AFC North (Browns coach), From Youngstown
    Russ Grimm, Titans OL Coach: AFC North (Stealers 2001-2006)
    Mike Munchack, Stealers OL Coach: AFC North (Oilers back in the day) (Stealers 2014-2017), Titans HC 2011-2013 (22-26)

    Defensive Coordinators
    Teryl Austin, Lions DC: AFC North (Ravens DB 2011-2013)
    Matt Burke, Dolphins OC: Former Bengals Assistant
    Paul Guenther, Bengals DC:
    Marquand Manuel, DC: Former Bengals player
    Matt Patricia, Patriots DC
    Kris Richard, Seahawks DC
    Jim Schwartz, Eagles DC: Ex Lions Head Coach (29-51)
    Mike Vrabel, Texans DC: Akron, OH Native, OSU Grad and Coach

    Special Teams Coordinators
    Dave Toub, Chiefs:

    Current Head Coaches
    John Harbaugh, Ravens: Ohio Native
    Hue Jackson, Browns:
    Chuck Pagano, Colts:
    Bruce Arians, Cardinals:

    Ex Head Coaches
    Jon Gruden, Monday Night Football: Ohio Native
    Jim Tressell, Youngstown State President: OSU

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    Cooter and DeFelippo are intriguing options. Bright young offensive minds, which is the biggest need IMO.

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    Swing for the fences on Urban Meyer. With our luck we probably end up with someone like Brian Kelly instead..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    Swing for the fences on Urban Meyer. With our luck we probably end up with someone like Brian Kelly instead..
    That would be cool. So the coaching staff would be sub-Urbans.

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    Right now with the limited info I have my dream would be Richard with DeFelippo as OC.

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    This would be my guess for coaching changes.

    Bears Pete Carmicheal-Saints
    Bengals Paul Guenther-Bengals
    Browns Hue Jackson-Browns
    Bucs Josh McDaniels-Pats
    Cards Kris Richard-Seahawks
    Colts Matt Nagy-Chiefs
    Giants Frank Reich-Eagles

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    F Marvin!


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