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Thread: 2018 NFL mock draft: Updated 3-round projections after trade deadline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    He’s a beast. But will the Bengals take a guard that early? And we already know even if they do they won’t re-sign him. I still want McGlinchey.
    I am hoping the new coaching staff would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    I am hoping the new coaching staff would.
    That’s Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    That’s Mike.
    Candidly, mike will likely be dead by time that contract would come up. Or completely stepped down. Room for a new approach.

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    Just read where Albert Breer of MMQB now ranks Quenton Nelson as the #1 overall prospect. However, due to the position he plays he mocks Nelson to the Jets at #6.

    As for the Bengals, how about another mock draft projecting Derwin James to Cincinnati?

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    McGlinchey had a terrible game against Miami. Just awful. Several draft websites already calling him a 2nd rounder now but I keep reminding myself it's still November. Nelson didn't have a clean game himself, and I actually watched him get tossed once....after initially stoning two blockers on the play. But they overwhelmed him, got him twisted. Ragdolled him. I almost fell out of my chair. Still, the story in this game was at the edge, at both OT positions.

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    Bengals currently at pick 14.


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