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Thread: Week 9: Post Game Notes, Jaguars

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    Week 9: Post Game Notes, Jaguars

    Ryan O'HalloranVerified account @ryanohalloran 50m50 minutes agoMore

    Fewest plays by #Jaguars opponent in team history
    Dec. 2006: 34 (Titans)
    Sunday: 37 (Bengals)

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    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell 5h5 hours agoMore

    The Bengals ran only 37 offensive plays on Sunday, which is tied for the fewest by any team in a game since 2010.

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    Cincy Jungle‏ @CincyJungle 10h10 hours agoMore

    Jalen Ramsey went after A.J. Green in locker room; shouted profanities at #Bengals

    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell 10h10 hours agoMore

    Ramsey was seen screaming at the Bengals as they came in at halftime and yelled that he would find AJ Green once security let him go

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    Lance McAlisterVerified account @LanceMcAlister 13h13 hours agoMore

    Since starting 8-0 in 2015 the #Bengals have won 13 of their last 33 games, including the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    [FONT="]Lance McAlisterVerified account @LanceMcAlister 13h13 hours agoMore


    [FONT="]Since starting 8-0 in 2015 the #Bengals have won 13 of their last 33 games, including the playoffs.
    This is telling. They haven’t been good in 2 years. Not a lot to get excited about.

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    Ryan O'HalloranVerified account @ryanohalloran 2h2 hours agoMore

    #Jaguars fans should be glad Green didn't get suspended -- Bengals at Titans this week and methinks A.J. will be ready to go.

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    Lap’s comments last night re OL were interesting. Basically said that teams like the Jags and Steelers have 3 street FAs starting and they are able to run the ball... meanwhile Bengals have all draft picks (or 4 if you include Hopkins) including 1s and 2s and hinted that it might be scheme or non-personnel. Makes one wonder.

    It’ll also be interesting to see if Westerman or Redmond sees some time. Lap feels like if they took Redmond and Andre Smith, they might be able to make some hay in the run game. I’d also consider putting Westerman in at C. Bodine is such a liability.

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    The Colts game, to see Bodine constantly get caught missing the stunting blitze, was just sad. I don't see how they can say that he is their best option when he doesn't understand the calls and how to switch. Did that draft all linemen that were simply incompetent? Also, the rotating of linemen has to stop, there is no real continuity and it screws up communication obviously.

  10. Would moving Fisher and Ced inside help anything? Couldn't get much worse.

    I think it's past time to dust off the six man line formation.


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