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Thread: Are the Colts done?

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    Are the Colts done?

    Colts backup strong safety Melvin Bullitt is out for the season with a broken shoulder. This comes on the heels of starter Bob Sanders being out until at least the end of November as well as backup safety Jamie Silva being out for the season. This is devastating. Bullitt was the starter in the Super Bowl last year. ESPN's AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky says that the loss could be the backbreaker for the Colts' 2010 season (

    This is a year in which Manning is somehow bettering himself. He's off to his best statistical start ever and is on pace for 480 completions, 688 attempts and 5,460 yards. The current records are 440 completions (Brees 2007) and 5,084 yards (Marino 1984). He's got a 69.8% completion percentage and a 112.2 qb rating. Statistically, the top 2 receivers in the NFL are Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie, and the top rated NFL tight end is Dallas Clark.

    The defense can't stop the run, and the secondary has significant problems. The Colts can't run the ball, and the offensive line has played poorly. This leaves Manning and his receivers. Can the Colts get to the playoffs almost solely on their passing offense, or are the injuries too much to overcome now?

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    As long as Peyton Manning is healthy the Colts are never done. If Peyton gets hurt they'd be crispy-toasty-well-done done.

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    Wow....I don't know what to say now. Dallas Clark is out "indefinitely" with a wrist injury (likely done for the year). Joseph Addai has an injured shoulder and reportedly can't lift his arm above his head, and it's unknown how long he'll be out. Will Carroll is now reporting that Austin Collie has a "significant" hamstring injury. The Colts just had their 4th alcohol-related problem of the year in Pat McAffee. This all comes on the heels of prior injuries (including to Anthony Gonzalez, who's been out since week 1, Bob Sanders, Gary Brackett, didn't play againt Washington, Melvin Bullitt, and others).

    So the list of ailing players now: All starting wide receivers but Wayne, starting and backup running back, starting TE, starting and backup FS, 2nd string CB. All are mutiweek injuries. It's getting ridiculous.

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