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Thread: Week 10: Bengals at Titans Game Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDawgBengal View Post
    Elliott has missed three extra point attempts. Not saying I disagree with you but Elliott has been far from perfect. Also, a chance Elliott gets cut once Sturgis comes back.
    He also hits 60 yard field goals and is a rookie, not a journeyman. For all time, that was a stupid ****ing decision. I said it at the time and I am never gonna stop saying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    Randy has made 92% of his kicks, Elliot 87. Troll away.

    But I do still want Carlson.
    60. Yard. Field. Goal. Range.

    Please. Give up the defense. It’s embarrasing.

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    Awful penalty call. Absolutely awful.

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    Now he is gone for a long time.
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    Where was the contact with the official????

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    I still think we need a clean slate, should have moved on from Pacman and Burfict after 2015. We can't rely on Burfict being eligible to play.

    Now Burfict continuing to be an idiot as he walks off the filed. Clearly doesn't get it.

  7. You're kidding... Bye Vontaze.

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    Probably the least enjoyable season ever. Worse than 4-11-1 Ryan Fitzpatrick Bengals.

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    Joe almost broke that one.

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    I think Hill and Fischer getting hurt was good from a standpoint of they will stop the rotational ish and allow the runner and OLinemen to get some continuity


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