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Thread: Week 10: Bengals at Titans Game Thread

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    Week 10: Bengals at Titans Game Thread

    #Bengals inactives: CB Keivarae Russell S Shawn Williams LB Kevin Minter OL Alex Redmond OL Christian Westerman WR Tyler Boyd DL Pat Sims

  2. John Ross is ACTIVE! Hope he doesn't pull a hamstring tying his shoe.

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    Don't laugh, but I logged on just to see if Ross was active.

    I honestly can't think of many things about this season that still hold my interest but the whole saga about Ross's playing time is one. Waiting for Godot...err...Mixon is another. And I guess I'm curious to see how AJ Green responds today.

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    John Ross vs Corey Davis in the Battle of Overdrafted Injured Receivers ...

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    Who Dey?

    Oh this week its' the Titans.

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    Defense looks atrocious.

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    It looks like I am trying to guard people out there.

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    I"m sooooo tired of this team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cincity View Post
    I"m sooooo tired of this team
    No heart.

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    Marvin quit yet?


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