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Thread: Week 13: Steelers at Bengals Game Thread

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    Wonder if the Bengals have to pay Steelers rent every month for the space they occupy in their brain. For as bad as we have been the past two years, they sure like to talk about us whenever they can.

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    .@George_iloka, who agrees with Mike Mitchell, has a message for the NFL and its fans:

    "It's like me going to MMA and saying I'm cool with the punching, but I don't like the blood." #Bengals @fox19

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOF View Post
    I noticed how the still photo they showed to document the rule change meant to discourage spearing...the so-called Shazier Rule.... looked exactly like the hit he later injured himself on.

    I guess it's an example of this karma thing I keep hearing about.
    I seriously hope the guy makes a full fevocery. That stated, a similar hit from him on Gio was the final straw in that ‘15 playoff game. Now that’s karma.


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