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Thread: Bills fans donate to Andy Dalton's charitable foundation

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    Bills fans donate to Andy Dalton's charitable foundation

    Katherine Terrell ESPN Staff Writer

    CINCINNATI -- A spike in donations to the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation came from the most unlikely source on Monday morning.

    Dalton's 49-yard touchdown throw to Tyler Boyd in a fourth-and-12 situation on Sunday night not only sealed a win against the Ravens to knock them out of the playoffs, but it also secured the Bills' first playoff berth since 1999.

    Fans in Buffalo were understandably thrilled, and they wanted to let Dalton know it. While the Bills organization promised to send the Bengals some Buffalo wings, the fans decided to donate to Dalton's cause.

    "I think I'm the hottest guy in Buffalo right now," Dalton joked to the media on Monday. "According to my Twitter, I think everybody's loving us right now. Obviously that's a crazy fan base, and they're all pretty excited."

    Dalton pulled out his phone to check the numbers on donations to his foundation, noting that most of them were in $17 increments. He thought about it for a moment, then he realized why.

    The $17 dollars represent the 17 seasons between playoff berths for the Bills.

    "We're appreciative of that. Obviously they're helping out a good cause. It's been pretty fun to see the reaction we've gotten," Dalton said.

    Dalton tweeted Monday evening: "In the 24 hours since the 1st donation came in, over 2500 donors and just over $57,000 and counting! Last update for the night! I will update tomorrow. We can't thank y'all enough!"

    On Tuesday morning, the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation tweeted that they've raised more than $100,000.

    Dalton and his wife, Jordan, formed the foundation after he was drafted by the Bengals in 2011. The foundation "provides support, resources, opportunities and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families."

    Many of the foundation's community outreach programs revolve around helping children, especially those with special needs, and their families in greater Cincinnati.

    Although it's hard to determine where the idea to donate to the Daltons' foundation started, the idea appeared to gain traction on social media shortly after the Bengals sealed the Bills' playoff fate and continued through Monday afternoon.

    The foundation issued a statement Monday:

    "Buffalo fans are a class act," it read. "Thank you for showing your appreciation to Andy Dalton by supporting the families we serve. All of your donations will go to our outreach programs. We can do more with your help."

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    Mike RodakESPN Staff Writer

    Bengals QB Andy Dalton announced Tuesday evening on Twitter that $170,000 has been raised for his charitable foundation since Sunday's win over Baltimore. He said there have 7,000 donors, many of whom are Bills fans giving back of Dalton's game-winning touchdown pass over Baltimore that put Buffalo in the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

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    It was a featured story on the CBS Evening News last night. Great publicity for the Bengals....although Dalton and his pixie wife seemed to be doing their best Ned and Maude Flanders impersonation when interviewed.

    "Golly gosh it's awesome."

  4. Buffalo fans have always been some of my favorites--even if they are a bit on the odd side. The only time I ever had an issue with them in our stadium, was just prior to the '89 AFC Championship Game. They were just a tad obnoxious, but that cooled pretty quick; then they were just their usual happy/bawdy/drunken selves again.

    For them, think about this: 17 years between playoff appearances. And we bellyache about our last 15 years?

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    Update: 10,000 donors, just shy of 250,000. Wow! Thank you!

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    Does Marv Levy still work for them? If not I will stop hating them. This is awesome, but I can never root for Cry Baby Levy.

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    I don't think he does... he's 92. I did read something awhile back where he said that he'd be willing to come back in some capacity. I'm guessing that means as a live body, not as a corpse.

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    five billboards thanking Bills fans for supporting @ajdfoundation are going up in the Buffalo area tonight.

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    Update: 14,000 donors, over $315,000. Thank you!

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    Updated: Jan. 5, 2018 at 10:15 a.m.

    Buffalo Bills send 'thank you' chicken wings to Bengals

    Kevin Patra
    Around the NFL writer

    The Cincinnati Bengals continue to reap the rewards of an overwhelmingly thankful Buffalo Bills fan base.

    Following Andy Dalton's touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd on Sunday, which sent Buffalo to the playoffs for the first time in 17 seasons, the Bills promised to send the Bengals chicken wings as a thank you.

    The food it on its way.

    The Bills will play their first playoff game since the 1999 season this Sunday at Jacksonville.

    The thankfulness from Bills fans extended well beyond some chicken wings.

    Generous fans have donated money to Dalton's charity for his part in sending them to the playoffs. The quarterback's foundation, which provides aid for ill and physically challenged children and their families, continues to see the gifts pour in.

    Boyd, whose dash to the end zone sealed Buffalo's playoff visit, is also seeing contributions to his youth football organization. The wideout wrote on Twitter that he surpassed his goal of $20,000 thanks to Bills fans. As of now, the youth league has raised more than $50,000.

    If you ever wondered about the positive power sports can elicit, the Bills-Bengals dynamic is the perfect example. With one catch, run, and score, lives were changed. The generosity on display goes far beyond chicken wings and a playoff run


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