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Thread: Offseason yada yada

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    Offseason yada yada

    Utes assistant coach Jim Harding reportedly interviews with Bengals for offensive line job
    The Utes could be in danger of losing assistant head coach and offensive line coach Jim Harding to the NFL, according to a report from the Sporting News. Sporting News NFL columnist Alex Marvez reported that the Cincinnati Bengals have interviewed Harding for their offensive line coach position.

    Cincinnati Bengals: Was Bringing Marvin Lewis Back The Right Decision?
    For the last month or so of the 2017 season, it seemed all but assured that longtime Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis would be headed out the door. Turns out all those rumors were moot. Rather than having his time with the Bengals come to a close, Lewis has instead been given a two-year extension to stay as the head coach for Cincinnati through the 2019 season. So, what happened?

    Fact or fiction: Mike Brown doesn't care about the fans?

    It's uncomfortable territory to try to determine how people feel. Yet, with the connection between fans and ownership being strained as it is right now, this complaint surfaced often. There is no way to prove feelings. We can only go by the actions taken. One aspect of Brown known to be true is he cares about this football team and winning more than anything.

    Who Dey notes: Bengals look for the formula, A.J. Green nixes Pro Bowl

    The 2018 offseason for the Cincinnati Bengals is underway and things are starting to take shape. Of course, the biggest shocker to most fans was the re-signing of head coach Marvin Lewis to a deal that keeps him around through 2019. Hopefully, that has a few stipulations woven into the fine print. Maybe Mike Brown has the option of pulling the plug if things go terribly wrong. But, we’re talkin’ Mikey Boy. That ain’t gonna happen.

    TDBH: Bengals get a Tiger in O-line coach Johnson

    One of Bengals founder Paul’s Brown’s most significant hires is one of the first when he lures an old, respected foe today to become his first offensive line coach. Bill Johnson, who got the nickname “Tiger,” during his nine tenacious seasons in the ‘40s and ‘50s as the center of the 49ers, leaves San Francisco to join Brown’s expansion team after 11 seasons of coaching his old club’s line. “Having Johnson on our staff really adds something to the Bengals,” says Brown, preparing for this week’s expansion draft.

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    I can see why Bengals coaches coveted Leonard Fournette. Guy is an animal.

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    Pouncey shoves a ref, doesn't even get a flag.
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    This game is making me so happy.

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    Wow. Good for Zim!

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    Unbelievable ending, so happy for Zim.

  7. Shoulda been our HC...

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    Crazy ending - I feel for Marcus Williams who had a heck of a year but very happy for Zim. That was a good game!

    Really happy for Jax - actually, anyone who beats Pittsburgh. It was fun seeing Mike Mitchell get destroyed a few times.

    Goes to show, you don’t need a great QB if you play good D. Bortles, Keenum, and Foles. And really, other than Fournette and Thielen, who had a great year. And, no franchise runner or “great” WR or TE, other than Gronkowski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    This game is making me so happy.
    The Steelers lost in a finger pointing way that won't be forgotten for months....maybe years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Pouncey shoves a ref, doesn't even get a flag.
    Some really bad reffing in that one. That Jag defense is weird. They can crush an offense, but have given up a ton of points a few times this year.


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