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Thread: Bill Lazor: John Ross “gets to decide what he’s going to be”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enon Bengal View Post
    So according to you, the young man gets a free pass?
    Pretty good bet only a few weeks ago you wanted the entire coaching staff fired. But in this example I guess you'll take their word or version of events without question? Do you really have that much faith in Giggles the head coach when he jokes about why he didn't play Ross?

    Or how about Bill Lazor, the completely unproven offensive coordinator of an offensive attack that ranked dead last in the NFL. He couldn't find a single way for a 1st round pick to contribute all year long. Well, isn't that failure Lazor's alone? Do we give him a pass because Zampese was fired...yet blame the rookie player who was orphaned as a result?

    Call it giving a free pass if you must, but I think it makes more sense to hold accountable those people who were in authority and had the power to make changes days, weeks, and months ago. And to that end Bill Lazor has far more to prove than Ross does....yet it is Lazor who is routinely given a free pass whenever his performance as a coach is criticized.

    Must be everyone else's fault, right?

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    New WR coach Bicknell on John Ross:

    He not only is trying to get to know the players in front of him during Wednesday’s practice at the Senior Bowl, he’s trying get a handle on his own players in just the second week on the job.

    But one thing he knows is that John Ross is fast. Ross, the most enigmatic player on the Bengals and maybe the NFL, is now Bicknell’s mystery. But not for Bicknell. There is no enigma. Not a man who ran the fastest 40-yard dash in the history of the NFL Scouting Combine last year.

    Coaches love speed. It’s the one thing you can’t coach, they say. Bicknell, who has coached the position with three different teams before this assignment, is no different.

    “A guy that can run, everything else we can work on,” Bicknell said. “I’m really excited to get in there and start talking to him and get working on things that can help him. Any guy that can run like that, its fun to try and get him to do everything we can to make him successful.”
    I am super pumped for Bicknell to let Marvin Lewis and Lazor know about John Ross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    New WR coach Bicknell on John Ross:

    I am super pumped for Bicknell to let Marvin Lewis and Lazor know about John Ross.
    Given that he's coached Desean and they are kinda similar players (and they know each other), this might be a good thing.

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    For damn sure. I am still frustrated that it takes someone new to say obvious ****.

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    It's about time someone has said something in a positive light about him, and that is willing to give him a chance instead of all the negative toned BS. The dude was a rookie w/o an offseason or training camp, coming off an injury. I'm excited more for Ross than anything, that he may get a chance to not just make mistakes and learn from them, that he may get a chance to contribute.


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