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Thread: Confirmation that Marvin is back because of the Detroit and Baltimore wins

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    Confirmation that Marvin is back because of the Detroit and Baltimore wins

    Owczarski of the Enquirer with a sit-down with Mike Brown just posted, and has this exchange:

    The Enquirer:There was a real sense that this partnership was over following the three-game losing streak to Pittsburgh, Chicago and culminating in Minnesota with an ESPN report that Marvin Lewis had decided to walk away. Did you feel that way at that time?

    Mike Brown: “I chose not to make a decision on what we were going to do going forward until all the evidence had been submitted. And that meant playing through the full season and not making a call prematurely. I would say that while we had serious reverses and they were unsettling, to put it mildly, we bounced back at the end of the year. We beat two teams that were in playoff runs. We beat them in games that were important for them where they gave their best shot and I was impressed how we rebounded. That played into what was in my mind when I had to make a final call.”

    Enquirer: So the season-ending victories over Detroit and Baltimore mattered a little more than the 0-3 start or that 0-3 period beforehand, to see how the team rallied back? It meant something to you.

    Brown: “Yes. We had a very unusual season. Obviously, we were off offensively. We lost a handful of games that were games we could’ve, should’ve won. They were very close. They were one-play games. And if we had managed to win our share of those, we would’ve been out of that middle group of teams. In my mind, there’s a middle group that runs from say 6-10 to 9-7. That’s over a dozen teams. With all of them, they have a fan base that is dissatisfied. Ours is no exception. And yet they are all close to having been in the next level. And I think that that’s where we were. We had a disappointing season because we didn’t win our share of those close games that we could’ve, should’ve won. I think it goes beyond that, though. I think we tailed off in some areas that brought us down. I think those issues are correctable. I don’t think we’re far off. I think we can make the changes that we need to make and quickly rebound to the level where we were a couple years ago.”

    There's more, but man...

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    In the long and proud tradition of dead cat bounces for this franchise, this one is maybe the most dead kitty of them all.

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  4. Even when the Bengals win, they lose.
    I must admit that I do like the other coaching hires.
    But, hey. Typical Marvin. If they do have success this year, he will take
    credit and if they flop, he has someone to blame it on.
    Teflon Marv, that's our boy.

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    Bengals retained Lewis to provide 'continuity'

    Bengals owner Mike Brown says the decision to bring Marvin Lewis back for a 16th season provides "continuity," despite a staff shakeup that saw defensive coordinator Paul Guenther leave, along with several other assistants.

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    It is amazing that the owner of the franchise & the media mouthpiece for the franchise (Hobnob) are able to actually make the fans feel worse at every single turn. Every time Brown does an interview... it makes things worse. Every one of Hob's mailbags that are put front & center on the team's website... actually make your fan base angrier than they were.

    They are either 100% tone deaf to the fanbase's feelings or they simply do not care. Either way it is sad, and I genuinely wish I could stop being a fan.


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