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Thread: All Things AFC North 2018

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    Now Ben says he's got three more years in him:

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    Browns traded for Jarvis Landry.

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    Solid get for the Browns. If they resign Gordon, Njoku develops, they draft Barkley and then finally get a QB, they could have a decent offense for a few years. Then again it’s the Browns.

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    I agree. That's a good get. He'll get stupid money but the Browns were just sitting on bags of cash. Best, for the cost of two non premium draft picks the Browns no longer have to wait on mistake prone Corey Coleman.

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    Now the browns have traded for tyrod Taylor, who I could’ve sworn had been cut already. Gave up a third round pick

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    Schefter implies that kills mccarron to the Browns.

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    As now CB Damrious Russell traded to the browns

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    Jesus. Won’t be long..

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    Browns traded Deshone Kiser to Packers.

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    Landry, Taylor, and Russell.

    Plus, a rumor out of Cleveland about a 4th deal being in the works. Stay tuned.


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