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Thread: All Things AFC North 2018

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    If the Browns are no longer interested in McCarron, that probably slightly opens the door that McCarron could be back on a one or two year deal. Time Cousins get signed, Rosen, Darnold and Allen are drafted and if the Eagles trade Foles, there is not going to many starting jobs available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDawgBengal View Post
    Solid get for the Browns. If they resign Gordon, Njoku develops, they draft Barkley and then finally get a QB, they could have a decent offense for a few years. Then again it’s the Browns.
    Right. A lot of young talent... Duke Johnson is a good back, and they've got some good young OL too. And a developing defense, especially up front.

    Not really a Tyrod fan - I don't see him as a starter, but maybe he's stopgap and they grab Darnold or Rosen.

    I'd take Kizer as a backup for the Bengals if that happens. He's got some tools to work with.

  3. I miss Sashi Brown ...

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    Thats a pretty talented wide out crew. If they end up with Barkley, it should be a fairly formidable offense. Defense still has a ways to go, but they have some pieces.

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    Do the bills have any players we would want? They will likely be looking to move up in the draft

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    Forgot about cordy glenn. We get glenn and 21. They get the 12 and lafell. Not sure that's balanced
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengalbro View Post
    Forgot about cordy glenn. We get glenn and 21. They get the 12 and lafell. Not sure that's balanced
    I’m not sure they’d want lafell but Glenn and 21 for 12 could work.

    Then maybe drop down another handful of spots for an extra third.

    Draft Billy price in the mid to late 20s.

    Then you’d have a second and 3 3rds for a LB, DT, safety and maybe another OL.

    Probably too good to be true with this team though.

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    Browns have traded Danny Dhelton to the Patriots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Browns have traded Danny Shelton to the Patriots.
    I guess they ran out of busted 2nd rounders to trade or replace. Time to move on to busted 1st rounders. Myself, I was never a fan of Shelton's but as a rule I don't value nose tackles very highly. No fat chicks. Just read where Shelton has produced 1.5 career sacks.

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    If the Patriots are looking to trade for 2015 1st rounders, I can think of one they can have for cheap.


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