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Not to mention 2 on the first day. Weren't they offering a 1 and a 2? Could you imagine picks 4, 12, 46, and 63?
It was a 2nd and 3rd and I don't think it was ever reported which of their 2nd or 3rd it was supposed to be. I'm guessing not the #33 pick. Maybe 36 from Houston or 63 or 64 from Philly. (By the way, weird that never came out since there is a massive value difference between #33 and #63. You'd think that super important detail would have leaked from one side or the other.)

If the Browns didn't drop the ball we'd have had one 1st, two 2nd, three 3rd (comp for Zeitler). So the first day of the draft doesn't change but Day 2 is not nearly as fun as it could have been.