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Thread: Potential Free Agent Tackles

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    Don't consider me a Bodine defender, though I can't help but wonder how much of his pass-pro struggles were Alexander related with his absurd "momentum-based" blocking technique. He would get walked back into Andy frequently, leaving no pocket to step up into...but he was one of the strongest OL in the draft. If someone asks him to put the DT on the ground instead of wrestle with him...maybe he can? Also the entire OL struggled with picking up stunts and delayed blitzers. There are 5 sets of eyes there...I don't believe (despite most of those guys coming up the middle) that they were all his problem, but rather the entire approach to the OL. They all couldn't figure out that the DE looped back into the middle, likely because they were asked to look elsewhere and focus on different things.

    All I'm saying is that C is a tough spot and like it or not Richie Braham was a run-of-the-mill guy until suddenly he was elite for about 2-3 seasons prior to his career ending injury. Clearly he is not a Pouncey or a Mack or a Fredrick...but can't you argue that those guys are like Brees or Brady in that only a few teams have 'em and they are hard to find?

    At 25 with 4 years of working with Andy and a new emphasis on attitude and strength vs finesse, we could probably do worse than bringing him back. He clearly wasn't the worst C in the league in 2015 and at the end of the year when (behind the scenes) things started to change and the run game resembled competency, he was good enough to get the job done. I'd much rather focus our draft resources on OTs and defensive playmakers, than needing to find an elite center. Every position can't be elite.

    There has got to be something there for Lewis to speak so glowingly about him...

    ...or ML is so jaded and distorted that he just says whatever he feels like because fvck it!
    Fair points... I'm no scheme weenie so maybe the momentum blocking thing was what he was taught. For a weightroom-strong guy he sure got pushed back a bunch. I find it hard to believe that he was taught that... there were Cs playing with Andy before Bodine arrived, and I don't recall it being as much of a problem. Same with low snaps.

    As you say, a good C isn't easy to find - but I've never been a Jethro fan. Doesn't matter what any of us think, so maybe he re-signs and Pollack makes him a cornerstone of the OL.

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    I'd also like to see what Bodine could do at guard.

    I thought the same with Bluto. I think part of their struggles are maybe loving leverage because they don't get into their stance quick enough after snapping the ball. That's a lesser issue at guard.


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