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Thread: Offensive Line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Tigre View Post
    Not getting Geoff-love for TJ Johnson. Showed literally nothing at guard in terms of strength/movement...this will translate better to center?
    I thought he played pretty well at C but not at G. Lap says he’s smart enough at C - which may well be the case - but for me, he’s strictly backup material on the OL.

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    But he couldn't beat out Bodine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    But he couldn't beat out Bodine.
    Is that his fault, or Alexander's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennethmw View Post
    Is that his fault, or Alexander's?
    Doesn't matter. I want a guy who is so clearly better than Bodine that even Alexander could see it., not someone who might be a little better.

  5. Evan Mathis...

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    Justin Edwards@Justin_Redwards 18h18 hours agoMore

    6 players rotated the two OT positions for the #Bengals in '17 and accumulated a combined 1,934 snaps
    They allowed 75 hurries, or, one every ~26 snaps
    Over the last three seasons Cordy Glenn has racked up 2,010 snaps – all from LT
    He allowed 48 hurries, or, one every ~42 snaps


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