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Thread: Eric Reid visiting

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    PFT claims an anonymous source told them Reid is willing to remain in San Francisco on a one-year contract if it pays the same $5.67m as Reid made last season. Left unclear is if the 49ers have, as rumored, an actual offer on the table.

    Again, I can't see the Bengals offering a long term deal Reid would accept and the Bengals 1-year offer would have to be significantly better than Reid would be willing to accept to remain in SF.

    Of note, Minkah Fitzpatrick was visiting the 49ers the same day Reid was visiting the Bengals.

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    Sounds like he left town without an offer

  3. Each kicking tires it appears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Sounds like he left town without an offer
    Just like the old days of Bengal FA attempts. Maybe just kicking tires here for both, or maybe leverage play by Reid if he has an offer from SF.

    He’d be a really good get and it’s be nice to have him signed before the draft - but I doubt it’ll happen. I suppose that post-draft as other teams are filling out their rosters with draft picks, he would have fewer options. I much prefer him to Kenny Vaccaro, another former # who is also on the street.


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