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Thread: Post-game thoughts on offense and defense.

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    Post-game thoughts on offense and defense.

    I got the GB game. It appears that no matter what Brandon Jackson does the Packers don't want to use him as the featured back. After each run he was removed from the game. I understand a break after a few runs, but the guy pass blocks, catches, and was having a stellar running game. Even if you took away the 70yrd run he was getting 5 yrds a carry. I'm quite disappointed in the offense, it has not been synchronized all year.

    Desmond Bishop should be starting instead of playing the She-Hawk. Tramonstar Williams has had good games playing returner and CB. I'd think that GB should stop having him return punts due to the severely limited secondary depth. GB is hopefully getting Al Harris and Bigby back in a few weeks, but they aren't guaranteed to play up to their abilities immediately.

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    I think the hype hyas gotten to Packers fans. This is a good team with a winning record who's played some tough teams. The Bears defense is legit, and the Redskins at home are tough as well.
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