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Thread: Draft Wrap-Up

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    Draft Wrap-Up

    Paul Dehner Jr.Verified account @pauldehnerjr now3 minutes agoMore

    Marvin Lewis on not going back for another offensive lineman: "You can't create guys." Says the draft was thin there and there weren't that many options.

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    Marisa Contipelli@BengalsMarisa now14 seconds agoMore

    Lewis said it was a beneficial 3 days for the organization. They were able to go in and fill needs, but stay true to our grades. “Feel good about it”

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    Marisa Contipelli@BengalsMarisa now2 minutes agoMore

    Addressing the defense was a priority for the Bengals this draft. Especially day 2, according to Lewis. Wanted to address the secondary, which they did.

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    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell now1 minute agoMore

    Marvin Lewis joked that "you can't create one" regarding taking an OT, said it showed the void in the draft of good OTs that they didn't end up getting one.

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    Marisa Contipelli@BengalsMarisa now2 minutes agoMore

    “There’s a lot of fine players we know that are picked in the seventh round or come in as free agents.” - ML. Bengals had 3 seventh round picks this year.

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    Paul Dehner Jr.Verified account @pauldehnerjr now2 minutes agoMore

    Marvin Lewis said it was discussed taking a quarterback in the second round when the Steelers jumped in front of them.

    Geoff Hobson@GeoffHobsonCin now29 seconds agoMore

    Marv says they talked about taking a QB in the third: joked about room being bugged as Steelers went up to Getz Rudolph

    Paul Dehner Jr.Verified account @pauldehnerjr now18 seconds agoMore

    Paul Dehner Jr. Retweeted John Patterson III
    Thank you, day 2 not round 2.

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    Marisa Contipelli@BengalsMarisa now9 seconds agoMore

    Marvin Lewis told us you base your football team around your best 53 players. So don’t rule out the Bengals keeping three QBs come fall.

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    Geoff Hobson@GeoffHobsonCin now1 minute agoMore

    Lewis misses his draft record for 7 defenders. Opt for Taylor, a guard-tackle type

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    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell 2h2 hours agoMore

    Marvin Lewis said the Bengals talked about moving up, presumably back into the third round, to get a player they were "coveting," but then the player got taken. "There were some questions about him, so we ended up staying put." ...Arden Key maybe?

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