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Thread: OTA's start today.

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    Jim OwczarskiVerified account @JimOwczarski 13h13 hours agoMore

    I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to get into front seven stuff just based on nature of the session, IMO, but all were “active.” Quick. #Bengals

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    Wasn’t sure how else to illustrate this except putting all the pictures together l, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a ball tipped in the air this many times on one play.

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    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell 13h13 hours agoMore

    Going...going...(finally) gone! Andy Dalton takes off for a long touchdown during OTAS today, much to the delight of his teammates. Joe Mixon gives him a high five when he gets there.

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    GoodberryVerified account @JoeGoodberry 16h16 hours agoMore

    Geoff Hobson noted that Michael Johnson and Sam Hubbard played LDE in place for the missing Carlos Dunlap.Likely means Jordan Willis was the 4-3 RDE.

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    timestamp vid

    Jay MorrisonVerified account @JayMorrisonCMG 18h18 hours agoMore

    #Bengals WR John Ross trying to do serious interview about his strong performance in first OTA practice, but all C.J. Uzomah wants to do is crack on his hair:

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