A huge win for a young team yesterday afternoon. This was the kind of game we lost last year. A team supposedly better playing at home and we are down in the fourth quarter. Last year that's a recipe for a loss, might as well turn the tv off. But not this year, the Bucs are playing like winners this year and confidence can overcome some shortcomings. A huge win when you realize it came after a out and out beating 2 weeks ago in our last game. To be able to put that behind you and come out a play tough on the road and give yourself the chance to win a ballgame, that's big going forward. Josh Freeman is looking more and more like the stability in the QB position we haven't had since...forever. The kid has a calmness in the pocket and seems to feel the rush. I like that he's able to stand in there and deliver the ball or take off if the lanes open up. He doesn't have happy feet back there. And the arm is big time. Some of those throws yesterday were outstanding. But he still has room to grow which is the exciting part. The running game didn't look great (minus 1 Earnest Graham run), but I like that we didn't abandon it, like we did so much in the Gruden era. Defense looked pretty sharp, of course it helped with Carson Palmer throwing the ball all around. Still need to work on the 1 big play a game and the front 7 wearing down at the end. The main thing to take away from this game was the way we won it. To march down the field and tie it up when you knew it was do or die against a good defense was awesome to see. And then when we scored and left a little over a minute for the Bengals the defense cranked it up. Gave up a couple good pass plays, but then tightened up and forced the pick. I see this as a stepping stone and hopefully the boys in pewter will continue to grow as a complete team and we'll see how it all turns out in December.