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Thread: Billy Price Update

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    Billy Price Update

    Hoping to be cleared medically next week.

    Currently lifting 305lbs.

    Cincinnati Bengals first-round pick Billy Price still isn’t able to do any drills against the defense, and won’t be for the duration of this mandatory minicamp, but the former Ohio State center said it’s only a matter of days before he gets full medical clearance on the pectoral injury he suffered at the Combine.
    “I’m going to be cleared next week when I go for my all check,” Price said prior to Tuesday’s practice. “I just did 305 this morning on the bench. We’re OK.”


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    Price was in the process of repping the standard 225 when he injured his pectoral in March 1.
    He’s been able to do position drills and install work, but during 11-on-11 drills Price stands behind the action next to offensive line coach Frank Pollack and makes the calls the same as he would if he had the ball in his hands ready to snap it.
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    “I sit back there with coach Pollack and go through them,” he said. “As I see the adjustments and see the defense start to unwrap, I’m letting him know what my correction would be, what my call would be.
    “I think I’ve got a good handle on things,” he added. “Being able to sit back there and do the mental stuff has been helpful, but sometimes you need to learn by fire. I’m eager to get cleared and actually be able to do things.”

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    Yeah, that's great news, if he's already back to lifting 300 pounds. And if he's cleared next week, that would be tremendous. If he's 100% to start camp, that's a huge relief.
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    Price officially cleared

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    game on.


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