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Thread: What impact could Quinton Flowers have on shaping the roster?

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    What impact could Quinton Flowers have on shaping the roster?

    Quinton Flowers could change how the Bengals determine their 53-man roster

    Quinton Flowers’ versatility could make the Bengals comfortable enough to keep depth at other positions.

    By PatrickJudis@PatrickJudis Jul 5, 2018, 7:00am EDT

    Aaron Doster-USA TODAY SportsThere is no denying that Quinton Flowers will be a busy man come training camp.

    He was a quarterback for South Florida who threw for just under 6,000 yards and ran for over 2,500 more in his final two seasons in college. Still, his
    size made him an undrafted player.

    At 5-10, 214 pounds, Flowers just wasn’t viewed as a quarterback in the NFL, which is something he has come to terms with in Cincinnati. He has
    seen work all over the field during the offseason so far. He is listed as a running back currently, but he also saw time at punt protector, punt returner
    and even some quarterback.

    That is an incredible amount of versatility, and the more you can do, the better the chances you have of making the roster. The Bengals will have a
    very hard time keeping Flowers off this team.

    Flowers is facing some extreme competition at most of those spots. The Bengals have Joe Mixon, Giovani Bernard and fellow rookie Mark Walton to
    compete with at running back. That isn’t even mentioning guys like Brian Hill and Tra Carson who have both had impressive moments with the

    The Bengals also have a ton of players competing for the punt returning spot, including Alex Erickson, Darrius Phillips and even Jessie Bates III. The
    Bengals also signed Matt Barkley to compete for the backup spot behind Andy Dalton at quarterback, and they also drafted Logan Woodside. In
    addition, Jeff Driskel will be returning from injury at some point.


    Quinton Flowers won’t let going undrafted or changing positions hold him back with Bengals

    Bengals’ Quinton Flowers is one of the most exciting undrafted players

    That seems like a bad thing for Flowers. He doesn’t seem likely to finish very highly at any of those positions on the depth chart, but he does have
    training camp to really prove that notion wrong. Even if he only finishes in the middle of the pack in a few of those battles, it could lead to an
    interesting decision for the Bengals.

    Let’s take a look at the scenario that could be created if the Bengals determ
    ine Flowers is worthy of a roster spot. They would have four running backs, which would be one more than last season, but having Flowers being
    able to fill so many other positions could allow Cincinnati to go light elsewhere.

    It would allow the Bengals to still only go with two quarterbacks since the team could view Flowers as an emergency quarterback. We will have to
    wait and see if they are expecting to only keep two quarterbacks without AJ McCarron on the roster anymore. The Bengals could put Woodside on
    the practice squad and release (or if they are super lucky trade away) whoever loses the competition between Driskel and Barkley if they find
    themselves comfortable enough with Flowers’ performance. It’s also worth noting that Barkley didn’t do well in OTAs, which may make it easier to
    keep just two quarterbacks in Dalton and Driskel.

    This would also likely mean Erickson’s days as a Bengal would be numbered. Despite putting up some fairly impressive receiving totals compared to
    how many snaps he played last season, his main role that keeps him on this roster is returning. Even if Flowers doesn’t outright win the return job,
    having him as a backup in case the main guy goes down is valuable in its own right.

    That means the Bengals could go back down to having six receivers on their final roster, or they could use that space for more of a situational
    receiver like Auden Tate who really impressed during minicamp with his red zone catches.

    It is probably more likely they use that spot to retain an extra player at linebacker or even defensive tackle. Safety is another position that shouldn’t be
    counted out. As the Bengals plan to transition to more of a three-safety defense, they may want to keep five instead of four in case of injury.

    Flowers making the roster could open up a whole new world. Of course this isn’t going to be handed to him. Just because he can play all those
    positions doesn’t mean the Bengals will keep him if he can’t do most of them at an acceptable level. Even if he does play well it could be a very tough
    decision that low on the roster.

    One thing for certain is Flowers could open the Bengals up to some new roster possibilities as a jack of all trades.

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    Flowers already has a half dozen articles written about him. That's probably more than the number of regular season snaps he'll get in his career.

    Jack of all trades isn't a real position. If being 5-10 is enough to prevent him from playing QB...why would he fare better at RB?

    Bengals have far better options at RB, WR, and special teams. Meanwhile, the backup QB job is wide open.

    Fellow jack of all trades type Jeff Driskell got hurt last season practicing as a WR. Logan Woodside is a drunk, apparently. Matt Barkley, signed for 2 years, is no better than a street FA.

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    Flowers was tremendous in college but I’d be shocked if he made the 53. Maybe PS - that’d be my expectation, best case. Beyond this year, who knows, maybe he will develop. He’s an intriguing guy... but if he’s not a QB - which he likely isn’t - not sure where he fits.

    This backup QB crew blows... it might be the worst in the league, and IMO if Dalton gets hurt, none of those clowns will do anything. Which is too bad, because they have solid depth elsewhere, at least at the offensive skill positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post
    This backup QB crew blows... it might be the worst in the league, and IMO if Dalton gets hurt, none of those clowns will do anything. Which is too bad, because they have solid depth elsewhere, at least at the offensive skill positions.

    Public shaming seems to be on the rise. Perhaps Bengal fans should protest the Barkley signing by following Duke Tobin into local eateries and then loudly shouting..."shame, shame shame" as he attempts to eat his meal.

    Worth repeating, Tobin had several years to prepare for the departure of underwhelming AJ McCarron and the best he could do was sign a veteran QB who is no better than a street free agent. In fact, at any given moment there are a half dozen unemployed QB's as good or better than Matt Barkley. Complicating matters further Tobin repeatedly wasted opportunities to select a decent backup in the draft. Missing a chance to draft Mason Rudolph is forgivable. Missing out on every decent QB in the draft is not.

    As for Flowers, if he was half the player these crappy articles insist he can be then he should easily be able to beat out fellow jack-of-all-trades type Jeff Driskel for the #3QB job if only because Flowers can play special teams.

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    I think with given the time and opportunity, Driskel will be a better backup QB than McCarron.


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