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Thread: Preseason/Camp Thread #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    man, steelers depth has no speed if they can't catch up to Kumerow. He's not exactly a burner, which is part of why he couldn't stick here.

    Whomever 31 was for the Stoolers can’t run a lick. It’d be cool for Kumerow to make a 53... he’s worked hard at it, for sure.

    Btw James Washington made a hella contested TD catch in that game. I always liked his game at OK State.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    Wouldn't that be our luck? A team with two first-ballot hall of famers coming away with no playoff wins. Sheesh. Marvin is such a conservative turd.

    I think Geno and AJ will be HOFers but not sure they make first ballot... not that it’s not deserved, it’s more of an indictment on the voting process.

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    Bengals Wire - 5 Bengals who need to play well against the Cowboys

    Their list. My comments.

    Bates - He's flashing and I think that's enough for now. He's explosive. Things happen really fast when he gets it.

    Joseph - Can he play well two weeks in a row?

    Barkley - Needs to have some success downfield. The young wideouts can't go cold when Dalton is out of the game. Loved the pitch and catch with Uzomah but he can't rely on the TE's for everything.

    Core - I think they keep six. Green, Boyd, Malone, Ross, Tate, Erickson.

    Fisher - Won't be long now. Hart can win the job outright with two more weeks of solid but unspectacular play on the right. Sounds like Redmond may be getting a longer look at ORG this week. If he has a good showing the next two weeks he could setlle in besides Hart. I wouldn't hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    OT, but Jake Kumerow is having a really nice camp for the Packers. Just caught an 82 yard touchdown last night and it sounds like Rodgers loves him. Wish he could have stayed healthy here.
    Nobody Effs with the Jesus!

    I like Jake. I thought he ran good routes, and had great hands. He’s one of those guys who helps me see the other side of finding help from another team’s trash heap. He totally has the tools, but weird things just kept him from working out here.


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