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Thread: Take heart Packer fans - season isn't over yet

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    Why does a worried corner of my mind want to follow "the season isn't over yet" with "there's plenty of time for the rest of the team to go on IR"?

    The Pack this year is the most snake-bitten team for injuries I can remember recently. They should still win the NFC North but it's not going to be the cakewalk I thought it would be before the season started.

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    I think we're gonna trade our entire next three drafts for Chuck Norris' beard. We're almost assured a dynasty then!

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    As we've been saying, fortunately for the Pack, it is very early in the season. Sometimes when guys go down it's the only way that a reserve can get the reps needed for him to develop his potential.
    I guess not everyone realizes how early it is. Last night Paul Burmeister on NFLN, dicussing the Bucs, said "They're in the playoffs, or, I mean, they're in the playoff picture as of this point in the season." C'mon man, I know you have to fill air, and sure you could discuss playoff favorites, but a team like the Bucs and playoffs in the same sentence? There's a playoff picture in week six? Way to early to go there. It makes it seem like you're out of story ideas.

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