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Thread: Injuries

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    IF, and a big IF, but if they decided to move on, I wonder if a team like Jax would be interested. Dalton is a lot better than bortles and if that D gets their shiit back together they could be a contender again.
    Dalton could make several terrible teams into playoff contenders. It's what he did for the Bengals. But yeah, Jacksonville. Tampa Bay. NY Giants. Redskins.

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    How about Andy Dalton as a Raider?

    Maybe toss in Joe Mixon as a sweetener.

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    Nick Vigil is still out? Was that injury suppossed to be 2 months?

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    Katherine TerrellVerified account @Kat_Terrell 17h17 hours agoMore

    I did the math so you don't have to do the math: The Bengals have missed a combined total of 44 games this year due to injury regarding players on the active roster, NOT counting players on IR


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