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Thread: Week 5: Dolphins at Bengals Game Thread

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    Tez looks a step slower today

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    Seems to me that the loss of two players who make teams respect us deep (Eifert/Ross) is having a real effect. We need to get Joe Mixon the ball out of the backfield in the passing game ASAP IMO.

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    Pick 6 sure would be nice here

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    Obvious block in the back not called

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    What a joke of a day for special teams.

    Would be nice if a single offensive player could make a block in space.

  6. We are our own worst enemies today, need to clean it up in the second half...

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    Seems like Miami and Pissburgh are the two teams that have our number.

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    Horrible showing on D again. Tez running in slow motion, other LBs getting exposed. Again.

    If I’m Miami, I run Gore and Drake and grind it out. Bengals haven’t stopped then yet.

    Back to 3rd and short conversions for Dolphins - easy pickings.

    Teryl-bill Austin. This defense sucks. And STs have given up a 10 point swing in this game. I don’t see anything that suggests they will come back, but I’m hopeful.

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    Wow great halftime adjustments by the Offense. 3 and out and lose 10 friggin yards.

    If the D gives up a score here, I suspect it's all over.

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    Inexcusable to take a sack there


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