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Thread: Week 5, Dolphins: What Went Right, Wrong and Sideways

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    Week 5, Dolphins: What Went Right, Wrong and Sideways

    What a game!

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    Mentioned it during but I don't know if I EVER remember a Bengals game where the ball bounced so favorably for us. I mean that game literally fell right into our laps...TWICE.

    Obvious issues are O-Line and the way teams are playing us without and Effect or Ross to stretch things away from Green.

    And special teams were obviously putrid today.

    Defense is mostly problematic at DT next to Atkins (who is on a beastly tear), but I suspect even that will get cleaned up a bit with a little more Burfict time on the field.

    But you have to love the character on this team, and the youth that is paying immediate dividends. I've long been critical of Marvin, but he's been harping for years on making big plays, and this season is already memorable for the degree to which this team has been doing just that. Huge, game-changing plays during crunch time are becoming common-place...

    Mostly though, it was just a damn fun game to watch.

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    There is still a lot of concerns about this team but I love how they keep fighting. Every win this year you could make an argument that they would have found a way to lose those games in the past and the season would be over already. This team though keeps fighting and fighting until they find a way to win.

    There is a few nice young pieces on D. If they can add a young DT and LB next season to go with Bates, Hubbard, WJ3 and the vets, this D can still be good for several years. Not sure what they are going to do about the DT position this season though. It has been terrible.
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    Wrong- me giving up two weeks in a row

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    Another game with a lot of issues but importantly another game with a win.

    Part of me is saying when we put it all together, watch out. The other part says since we haven't put it all together yet, it's probably not going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorclaws View Post
    Another game with a lot of issues but importantly another game with a win.

    Part of me is saying when we put it all together, watch out. The other part says since we haven't put it all together yet, it's probably not going to happen.

    This defense can only get better.

    Lots of young players already contributing and I'm confident most will do nothing but get better. Hubbard for certain, Bates is flashing, lots of young guys contributing. For example, I was happy to see Adolphus Washington out there today.

    But perhaps more important, for every positive game changing play Burfict made today he also made a mistake he probably wont make again in a couple of weeks.

    At times the back seven tackling is unbelievably bad.

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    The trade deadline is during the Bengals bye week. Depending on what happens the next three weeks, if I am the Bengals I would be looking to bring in a run stuffing DT with a late round pick. They should get at least a couple 6th round comp picks and a 7th round comp pick next year to play with. A run stuffing tackle would do wonders for this defense. See if Billings can improve or if Washington can contribute the next few weeks but if they don’t, look to bring in help at the deadline.

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    My thoughts:

    1. Every penny paid to Atkins and Dunlap was earned for past performance and justified for future performance. It is RARE to have two such talents on one team for as long as we have had those two. We have been spoiled. Atkins is a monster on the interior and Dunlap's ability to turn it up in big spots and late has been his trademark for a long time. We are lucky to be able to experience them on our favorite team.

    2. Given not having Eiftert, Ross and Gio, I thought Dalton was really good in this game. The first pick was unfortunate, as AJ was held and knocked off his route and the safety made a nice play late, but take that away, and Dalton made a LOT of plays under duress. Earlier versions of Dalton would have thrown three or more picks in that game, and fumbled too. He did a great job not letting it get out of hand, and made huge throws late. The play to Mixon for the TD to get them back into the game was very much new Dalton. I still want to give a ton of credit for that to Alex Van Pelt's coaching.

    3. Mixon is the first genuine closer at RB we have had in awhile. Having a guy who can close out games in the 4th quarter at RB is a huge luxury.

    4. They still need to tackle better.

    5. William Jackson looked more like himself this week. Should have had a pick 6 early, hopefully he is over his early funk.

    6. Just nice seeing 55 back on the field. The defense is just more settled when he is out there making plays.

    7. Would like to see Simmons get the special teams issues addressed ASAP. Need to stop giving points away there.

    8. They definitely (and especially Boyd) missed having Ross on the outside to put extra stress on the coverage.

    That win was enormous. Miami is likely gonna limp into the wild card mix (their schedule is pretty soft), getting a head to head against them might be important down the road. Still no conference losses, that's also huge. Hopefully Ross' groin issue is better and he can go next week. They need him to balance the field and give Boyd more room underneath.

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    I was out of town so I haven't watched the complete game yet - all of it up through 3Q just some highlights of the game-changing plays in the 4Q. Obviously a tale of two halves... there was very little to like in the first half and a lot of promising things in the second.

    - Thought Dalton played a nice game overall... INT was unfortunate... at first, I thought he threw it late but I guess AJ got held up a bit.
    - Joe Mixon in 2H - he's a tremendous talent.
    - Big plays by the D. Seems like Atkins and Dunlap are making game-changing plays every week. And Hubbard is going to be really, really good. I mean, he already is. Versatile, smart, athletic.
    - Uzomah had some nice catch and runs. Erickson's a good player also.
    - Gotta love the grit from this team... looked like they were just flat and were gonna mail it in, and they finished with a flourish.
    - Didn't look like they took on additional injuries. Not having Gio and Ross didn't help but they found a way.

    - STs need to be fixed now... worst two games I've seen in a long time from a Darrin-coached group. And Huber didn't do them any favors with that punt that Grant returned for the INT.
    - Tackling sucks. LB crew is the weakest part of the D - VB looked rusty but I'm confident he'll play his way back.

    - Happy with how Erickson is stepping up; same for Uzomah. Would like to see more from guys like Malone and Kroft.

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    Here's one I missed mentioning...

    Good: Randy Bullock. That 51-yard kick when they were down 17-0 midway through the third quarter was actually really important, as it was the first sign of life for the team and gave them a bit of a jump start. If he misses that, no way do they comeback.


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