by John Breech @johnbreech

Hopefully no one in Cincinnati turned off their television at halftime on Sunday, because the Bengals pulled off one of the wildest comebacks of Week 5.

Although there were more exciting wins on Sunday (the Browns winning with a knuckleball) and there were crazier wins (the Panthers winning on a 63-yard field goal), the Bengals might have pulled off the most improbable win when they came back from a 17-0 deficit to beat the Dolphins 27-17.
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The reason it was improbable is because the Bengals never come back from anything. For one, they were trailing 14-0 at halftime, which almost always means a loss in Cincinnati. Before Sunday, the Bengals were 0-8 over the past 10 years in games where they were shut out in the first half and they had never won a game in franchise history when scoring zero points and trailing by 14 or more at the half.

The Bengals were also trailing this game in third quarter (17-3) and if there's one thing this team is worse at than winning playoff games with Marvin Lewis, it's coming back from a third-quarter deficit with him.

19-88-1 when trailing after three quarters under Marvin.
— Lance McAlister (@LanceMcAlister) October 7, 2018

The Bengals needed a spark in the second half, and that's exactly what they got. It's probably not a coincidence that the spark came on the same day that Vontaze Burfict returned from his four-game suspension.

With Burfict on the field for the first time this year, an inspired Bengals defense stole the show in the second half with a dominating performance that basically won the game for Cincinnati.

With the Bengals trailing in the second half, the defense came through with two huge touchdowns. First, Michael Johnson pulled off the wildest pick-six that you'll see all year when he took a deflected pass from Ryan Tannehill and returned it 22 yards for a touchdown that tied the game at 17.

🚨 PICK-SIX 🚨 FOR @MJ_Agent90!

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) October 7, 2018

The Bengals would later take the lead on a 20-yard field goal from Randy Bullock, but they didn't ice the win until their defense came through with another touchdown with just 2:37 remaining. This time, Sam Hubbard took a Ryan Tannehill fumble and returned it 19 yards for a touchdown.

🚨 PICK-SIX 🚨 FOR @MJ_Agent90!

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) October 7, 2018

Last week, the Bengals pulled off an improbable win thanks to Andy Dalton and an offense that scored a game-winning touchdown against the Falcons with just seven seconds left. This week, the defense returned the favor.

The Bengals' defense was so good against Miami that the Dolphins didn't run a play inside the red zone a single time the entire game. The Bengals defensive line also had Tannehill running for his life for most of the second half. Tannehill was sacked three times with two of those coming from Cincinnati's All-Pro defensive tackle, Geno Atkins.

The Bengals aren't a team known for their late-game magic, but someone in Cincinnati must have found a football spell book because these Cardiac Cats have perfected the comeback win in 2018. The Bengals' comeback from 17 points down was tied for the fifth-biggest comeback in franchise history and marked just the third time in Marvin Lewis' 16 seasons as coach that the team has won a game after trailing by 17.

A 27-17 win over the Dolphins might not look sexy on paper, but beating a first-place team after falling behind 17-0 does look good, and that's exactly what the Bengals did. The Bengals might not be the scariest team in the AFC, but they do have the second-best record in the conference, their star linebacker has returned and Andy Dalton is getting closer and closer to looking like the MVP-candidate he was in 2015. The Bengals must be using an invisibility spell, because no one is noticing them yet. However, if they keep winning, they're going to be impossible to ignore.