Well that’s not ideal.

By Jason Marcum@marcum89 Oct 31, 2018, 4:35pm EDT

Well, as it turns out, A.J. Green’s foot/toe injury may be a little more serious than we were led to believe (drinks).

According to Paul Dehner, Green is enduring some swelling in the injured area, enough that further testing is coming up.

Important update to this: #Bengals not out of the woods with A.J. Green foot injury yet. Swelling with has made it so they are undertaking further reviews, so nothing is definitive either way yet. Obviously, the latest reason it's good timing to have a bye this week. https://t.co/lrtpJqFpNd
— Paul Dehner Jr. (@pauldehnerjr) October 31, 2018

First, this is just another example of why we can’t believe anything the Bengals say when it comes to reporting injuries. Even the most seemingly minor issues somehow can turn into injuries that cost players multiple weeks with this medical staff.

Second, if this turns into something that keeps Green out of the Week 10 matchup with the Saints, that suddenly goes from a hard game to win to being nearly impossible. The Saints are clearly a top-five team in this league that may very well end up winning the Super Bowl.

Then, the Bengals have a pivotal matchup with the Ravens in Week 11 that will have implications on the AFC North and/or the race for a Wild Card spot, so that too is a game Cincinnati badly needs a healthy Green in.

Thankfully, the Bengals are in the midst of their bye week, so Green is going to get extra time to rest and recover.