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Thread: Marvin Lewis has no assurance he’ll finish season and “wouldn’t expect any”

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    Marvin Lewis has no assurance he’ll finish season and “wouldn’t expect any”

    Posted by Josh Alper on December 4, 2018, 6:53 AM EST

    The Bengals have lost four straight games and their attendance numbers are lower than any year since 2011 as the team limps toward the finish line of a third straight year without a playoff appearance.

    None of that adds up to a strong case for Marvin Lewis holding onto his job as the team’s head coach and Lewis said Monday that he hasn’t received any assurance that he’ll remain the coach through the final four games of the season.

    “No, and I wouldn’t expect any or ask for any,” Lewis said, via “The least of my worries.”

    Given how many times Lewis has avoided the axe since 2003, there’s little reason to think that the Bengals are going to make an in-season coaching change. Lewis’ run looked closer to ending than ever before after last season, however, and the change could finally come once this year is officially in the books.

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    I’m not buying into the hype that Marv will be gone until it’s official. Last year was so demoralizing when Schefter said he was gone only to have him re-upped.


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