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Thread: Week 17: Bengals at Stealers Game Thread

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    its on twitter

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    Well fudge. The Bengals game is on local and I set it up to record on the Sunday Ticket channel. Meaning I missed the pick-6.

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    I’m shocked that we’re ahead 10 - 3 at halftime. I really expected to get blown out today.

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    Redmond benched for Westerman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    Yep. Ross had a better year 2 than Boyd, and Boyd was great this year.
    Tyler showed something his rookie year. John has shown next to nothing. A 50/50 ball to him is more like 10/90. Can’t make contested catches.

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    Jeff holds the ball way too long.

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    Why was there no call for running into the kicker???

    Oh that’s right—we’re playing the f@cking stealers ...

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    No way that’s a catch.

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    It’s embarrasing that this even needs to be reviewed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    Jeff holds the ball way too long.

    IMO this is his biggest issue going forward.

    Its like hes he’s determined to prove he’s more than an athlete playing QB. He’s gotta learn an incompletion is better than a sack.

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    Driskel sucks. He has no pocket awareness and should be cut tomorrow.


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