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Thread: 2018 Bright Spots?

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    2018 Bright Spots?

    This season blew, but there have to be some silver linings... I think?

    Any players, coaches, or moments that make you feel a bit better this year?

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    Mixon, Boyd, Bates, Hubbard to name a couple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Mixon, Boyd, Bates, Hubbard to name a couple.
    For sure. Really like their attitude, too.

    I thought Uzomah was a bright spot... to me, he gutted out the season and played solidly. Dennard was good... if it were me I’d consider starting him outside. Regardless, you have to play primarily man coverage with the corners they have.

    Thought Ringo showed something... not as a starter but as a depth guy. Really like Glasgow and Lawson, although with both coming off a knee injury not sure how next year will play out.

    You have some good ST players with Fedj, Wilson, Erickson... even Jefferson showed something, even as he produced zero as a LB which shows you how unready he was. Thought the kicking game was solid and overall, coverage was very good later in the year.

    Still some big holes at OL, LB but the cupboard is definitely not bare. Bring in some new talent, new coaching blood (I’d keep Pollack if I could, and Van Pelt... the others can go) and this team, barring serious injury, can be playoff-caliber.

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    Tyler Boyd.

    I said before the season started that getting Boyd back on track would be the key to everything, and as it turned out he was even better than I hoped. Used the ending of the 2017 season to jump start the season and a career reset. The new Housh IMO. Should be good for years to come. Takes pride in moving the chains and it shows. A joy to watch. Precise route running, savvy smart playmaking, the type of after the catch ability you might expect from en ex-RB, and some of the best hands in the NFL. Few better when you need to dial up 15-20 yards. Boy howdy.


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