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Thread: Marvin decision coming today?

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    Marvin decision coming today?

    he kept saying "we'll handle it tomorrow" in the post game press conference.

    Katherine TerrellESPN Staff Writer

    This was the exchange tonight after the game with Marvin Lewis: Q: You've talked a lot about your future... A: I haven't talked anything about my future Q: I know you see cameras in your face when you're walking off the field. Do you find that odd? A: I think it's ridiculous, I do. I think it's ridiculous. I think it's sad that's the only thing (people care about). This isn't about me. This about my football team. ... To make this about one person, it's not about one person. This is my job. That's it. Q: That being said, it will be a topic tomorrow. A: We'll handle it tomorrow. Q: What happens next? Do you and Mike Brown sit dow nto talk? A: We'll handle it tomorrow. A: Do you expect a decision one way or the other tomorrow? A: We're not going to talk anything else about it. Anything else?

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    Rumor is Zim might resign from Minny although that’s not his style.

    Bowles would be a really good DC and the Jets are pretty dysfunctional, so I wonder if he gets another gig somewhere. Same with Hue... good OC but I don’t see him getting another HC gig except if Mike goes that way.

    Will be a good day to watch the NFL Network or follow Schefter on Twitter, I guess.

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    I think the Bengals sticker on my phone case was bad mojo. This got tweeted literally as I peeled it off


    Hearing that Marvin Lewis will not be the head coach of the #Bengals going forward.

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    Cincy Enquirer acting as if it were official.

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    He’s fired!!!!

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    More surprised Marvin is out, or that Mike made the decision?

    My initial thought is Marvin made the decision, but knew the optics would be better to say Mike did. Marvin has a lot of flaws, but he is as loyal a soldier to ownership as you will ever find.

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    Yes it's all over Twitter... which of course is THE definitive news source.

    I guess they are still having the 11a news conference.

    Assuming Marvin is gone, it's the right move... would have been years ago for that matter... but I appreciate him bringing the team out of the dark ages, and for the playoff years. For whatever reasons, they never got over the hump... certainly, he was part of it. But this isn't an easy team to coach, with the ownership, etc..

    Bottom line, he didn't get it done... he had lots of chances, even if this year was a particularly difficult one with injuries, etc.. 16 years without a playoff win, c'mon.
    Anyway, I wish him well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    he’s fired!!!!

    friggin hooray!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mongo View Post
    More surprised Marvin is out, or that Mike made the decision?
    More surprised Marvin is out. I thought Mike would keep him, especially since it appears he's owed $ for next year.

    Bottom line, Marvin was affecting the bottom line... just saw that they were 31st in attendance, only above the orphan SD/LA Chargers.


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