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Thread: Report: Zac Taylor to interview with Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals this weekend

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    Just realized he once played QB for Nebraska. Feels like yesterday when he last played. A feature on NFLNetwork says the Rams passing game is entirely his handiwork. Inexperienced but ready for the next step. Rams have a bye week so Taylor has four interviews scheduled for this weak. A good chance at least one team, perhaps the very first, won't let him leave after the interview. Very high energy
    He wasn't a very good QB... but neither was Sean Payton. I believe Taylor coached at U of Cincinnati for a bit also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post
    I believe Taylor coached at U of Cincinnati for a bit also.
    Could be huge. Could be nothing.

    His success as a college QB probably not as relevant as the way a young looking 35 year old Taylor relates to players. Accepted more as a brother. Not a traditional father figure.

    Think Sean McVay but without the pomade. (A positive, I think.)


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