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    2019 Schedule

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    That does not look great. 7-9 from 35,000 feet.

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    Until the dust settles with the off season, I can’t make heads or tails of this. I sure don’t like the looks of playing the Rams, Seahawks, or Pats, but the rest could go any which way. Cleveland could be awesome next year, or teams could could have some film of Mayfield that exposes some flaws/tendencies. I have no idea how Baltimore and Pittsburgh will look. We owned Flacco, so that is likely gone. However, I don’t know about Jackson. He’s a heck of an athlete, but I’m not sold on him yet. Who knows what happens with Pittsburgh...

    Most of the other teams are at least a big a mess as we are, I feel.

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    3 west coast games. Already know how to tally those.

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    I can see it all very clearly.

    Monken brings the Fitz-magic with him. Brings Fitzpatrick too. Dalton not threatened. Duo become great friends. Dalton grows a giant orange beard that seems to stick out of his helmet at all angles. Wins starters job. Beats Pittsburgh. Men and women in southern Ohio celebrate by growing beards. Lawns are not mowed. Leaves are not raked. Dalton plays at MVP level until injured by gunshots in the rematch at Heinz Field in Week 11. No flag. Monken instantly turns to Fitz-magic! Bengals dead cat bounce into the playoffs. Avoid 8-8. Finish 9-7. Sun explodes.

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    Meh... who knows at this point.

    Saw somewhere that the Bengals had the second-toughest sked in the NFL last year... only Oakland's was harder. I think 7/10 of the easiest skeds made the playoffs.

    Ya never know.


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