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Thread: Ryan Tannehill

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    S-nutz - do you read goodberry’s stuff at the Athletic? I am not sure this QB class is bad. At all.
    No admittedly I have not. (Is the Athletic subscription based?) And I'm no expert so if that's the case it would change my thinking a bit.

    When I check the typical draft sites I see the same handful of QBs (OHST, Duke, Mizzu, WVU, and I guess the kid from OK is coming out too) and most sites have these guys all scattered from pick 15-40. It concerns me that there isn't consensus on "here are three guys that will all be Franchise QBs" at this point in the process. There is a lot of "he's raw" in their descriptions.

    Then add in the player inflation and by the time draft rolls around the two guys who have separated themselves from the pack will probably be scooped up in the top 10 by desperate teams trading up. If we were picking 5-7 i'd feel differently.

    At 11 you gotta go OL or DEF. The new offense should be plug and play with the veterans we have at QB/WR/RB. I would think a new coach would love the opportunity to focus on play and scheme install rather than teaching someone to play QB at the NFL level while the team takes the lumps that come with it.

    Get a potential QB in round 2-4 who could maybe win the job in 2020 or off the bench late in 2019. Win out of the gate with Andy, but approach the roster assuming the 2020 QB job is up for grabs with either a mid round guy now or a top 10 guy next year if we've tanked.

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    It is subscription based - but really reasonable and worth it in my opinion.

    He’s evaluating the QBs now, but thinks there may be three or four worth a potential top 10 grade. So, depending on what the pro scouts say, it may not be a reach at 11.

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    I'm intrigued by a Kyler Murray/Darrel Bevell (the guy who scouted and coached Russell Wilson) pairing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirrlnutz View Post
    At 11 you gotta go OL or DEF.
    I read a draft breakdown of the overall class that claimed a hard ranking of players, best to worst, would start with 17 defensive players. The first offensive player ranked was OLT Jonah Williams, a presumably safe but unspectacular prospect who just had his butt whipped in the championship game.

    For me it boils down to this. At #11 I'd need a very strong reason to not draft BPA. And that would result almost certainly in a defensive player being selected. I'm good with that. That said, the Bengals have a new head coach and unless you actually liked what you saw from Jeff Driskell they need a new backup QB. So drafting a new QB is probably on the table regardless of how you feel about Andy Dalton. Just a matter of when.

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    Considering the money mediocre QBs have been getting lately, I can see Dalton getting a pretty big contract in a couple of years. It's time to draft and groom a replacement. Especially with a relatively high pick.


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