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Thread: Bengals make first FA splash

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    So for example, they could easily draft an OT at #11 even though they're on the hook for $7M or so for Hart. Then you have Hart as a slightly overpaid backup to both OT spots for one year and then he can be cut. It's a pretty cheap price to pay to open up the draft.
    I've been saying the same things for more than a week now. All I'll add is I don't think the Bengals will look to get out of most of these deals after 1 year. The Bengals need for quality backups at LB, TE, and across the Oline is nearly as pressing as the need for new starters, and the market price for those positions isn't going to be any cheaper or deeper next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Certainly one way to look at it. Would you overpay (say $5M combined) on Hart and brown to have complete draft flexibility? The ability to move up, move down, not reach with any pick? Not dependent to draft any position?
    Of course.

    The Bengals just wasted several million dollars a season for a couple of season in a row because they refused to cut two OT's they were terrified to actually play. Three, if you add Andre Smith to the mix. So what's too much to pay for a guy who can give you 16 starts?

    As for opening up the draft, how many millions would you pay for the opportunity to NOT draft the next Billy Price or John Ross?

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    I am wondering if there is fire where there is smoke regarding the rumors of their interest in drew lock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    I am wondering if there is fire where there is smoke regarding the rumors of their interest in drew lock.
    I find the buzz out of New York about the Giants not wanting anything to do with Haskins to be just as compelling. Rumor has it they prefer Lock but don't want to take him with their first pick. Would prefer to take him with the #17 pick they just got from the Browns or...(wait for it) up a few spots.

    Giants, if they want Lock, could package picks #17 and #50 and move up to #11.


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