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    I hear ya, we just disagree on when to move on which is fine.

    IMO doing it now is jumping the gun. Additionally all the teams you mentioned are measurably more active in FA and the trade market than the Bengals have ever been. If we had a QB making Trubisky money is the FO willing to add a Kahlil Mack? Can you see MB and Katie adding high salaried vets like the Rams to make a playoff run? How about wheeling and dealing draft picks like the Eagles?

    The strategy makes perfect sense...except for that this organization will (again IMO) never be aggressive enough to maximize that cheap QB production we desire which turns the whole situation into "hoping for a savior who can overcome" vs a clean strategy for maximizing resources. And that method fails every time.

    Throw on top of that the extreme likelyhood of a work stoppage/lockout prior to 2021 and the shifting contract landscape that will follow, I beleive this organizatiom will ride or die with Andy who they can control for 2019-2021 (via a single application of the franchise tag) for pretty reasonable money if you look at the total cap hit across 3 years.
    Your points about the FO spending in FA are very very valid.

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    Think about Mahoney, Watson, Goff, Wentz, Trubisky, etc. some of them are great some are slightly better than Andy. But the difference is they all are getting paid significantly less than Andy over a 3-4 year period.

    So if you can't find a better quarterback....find a better contract?

    Dalton isn't overpaid. His current contract is reasonable and there's every reason to think his next contract will be too. In fact, if there's anything that puts his status as a starter at risk it's the surprisingly low cost of making a change. But why make a change at all if you can't argue that a potential replacement would be a significant upgrade? And there's the rub because Murray isn't likely to be available at #11, Haskins won't be ready to start for years, and Dalton haters don't seem to want Drew Lock.

    I guess I should clarify a few things. 1. I don’t think we have to go QB at 11 by any means. I’m just saying if Taylor really loves Murray or Haskins or even Lock I guess and they are gettable then I am okay with it because of the reasons stated above.

    2. No I don’t think you should just look for a better contract. But if you can find a QB that has better upside than Andy and at worst you think you can get similar performance AND save 15-20M a year for 4-5 years then I think it is very attractive. I’m not saying to just draft Clayton Thorson or someone at 11 just cause they are cheap.

    At the end of the day I just think if I had a choice the two types of QBs I want would be either 1. A qb with top tier potential even if it means paying big bucks once they get there or 2. A “good enough” QB either on a rookie deal or at worst something reasonable like Andy has now.

    You think his third contract will be reasonable but if he gets what the market dictates it will be like 25M. If my choice in 2021 is a QB on a rookie wage that is close to as good as Andy by then with potential to be better or Andy at 25M I pick the former.

    With ALL of that said what I’d prob do is draft Will Grier in round 2 or 3 and kick the bucket to 2020 to see how Andy performs under Taylor and to see how Grier develops.


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