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Realistically, what could you get? He's an ex-UDFA who hasn't shown he can produce much as WR. I'm not surprised other teams are interested due to his return skills and I wouldn't be THAT shocked to learn others think he's capable of more. But nobody is going to offer much until he actually produces as a WR.
I don't think you'd get much... a late round conditional pick, I'd guess. I like him but you're right, he has been a really nice return find - but save for a few big plays, he hasn't done much as a receiver... and it's not like last year, with the injuries they had at WR and the lack of production from Core and Malone, he didn't have some opportunity.

Even though he had more catches last year, I thought he did more 2 years ago. He ran a sub-4.5 and had a 3-cone at 6.65, so he's a good athlete and you'd think he'd be able to separate. I do think he can do more in the pass game, and hopefully Zac and crew do a better job of scheming guys open.

As for his return ability, I like what Erickson does, but I'm anxious to see if the Bengals also try Trayveon Williams back there on KRs... he did some of that earlier in his career at A&M.