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Thread: Pre-Season Rankings

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    Pre-Season Rankings

    Impressive that Peter King can predict them as a playoff team last year, they lose no one signficant in the offseason, and now they are the 30th ranked team.

    30. +CINCINNATI BENGALS (6-10)
    No one in Cincinnati wants to hear this, but this is the same kind of season as Arizona and Miami are approaching: new coach, fact-finding mission, a major rebuilding job. But it seems so much more significant after Marvin Lewis had the head-coaching gig for 16 years, and first-year, first-time head coach Zac Taylor emigrates from the wildly successful Ramsoffense to the humdrum Cincinnati attack. And not only does Taylor have to figure out—this year, preferably—if he’s going to stick with Andy Dalton after this ninth Bengal season, he’s got to do it while reconfiguring his offensive line and making sure rookie defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo has the resources to be competitive during a total defensive overhaul. Bengals were a bad defense last year and allowed 28.4 points per game. Good for the Bengals in finally tearing the insular staff apart and looking outward to fix a foundering franchise.

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    A total defensive overhaul?

    Maybe in year three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOF View Post
    A total defensive overhaul?

    Maybe in year three.
    Right. I can't see that... especially if guys like Lawson and Glasgow come back, the DL rotation will be solid. LBs can't be any worse, and I thought the DBs were solid last year. Bates will get better, Williams coming off of his best year IMO, and especially in the second half of the season, the starting CBs played well.

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    Good. Pile on the hate. 85% of national football writing is based upon the consensus pundit view of your QB situation which is:
    1. Elite
    2. Rookie contract QB who has played well in the NFL
    3. A rookie (top 35 pick) who you took in the last two years and should be good this year
    4. A guy on his rookie contract who needs to win the Superbowl this year to prove he belongs
    5. You suck and should draft a rookie we're excited to write about otherwise we'll only write about how you should draft a rookie.

    Then you've got 10% that are based upon historical opinions of your team and a tiny 5% based on objectively looking at a given situation.

    I'm REALLY looking forward to all the articles in mid October about how the Bengals can possibly be outperforming expectations since they didn't draft a rookie QB. And I expect very few articles to be written about how new leadership, not a host of new horses, was exactly what the team needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirrlnutz View Post
    5. You suck and should draft a rookie we're excited to write about otherwise we'll only write about how you should draft a rookie.
    I just read Vinnie Iyers latest piece for the Spurting News. It's worth reading if only to remind yourself why nobody bothers to read the Spurting News anymore.

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    I didn’t even realize the Sporting News was still around.


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