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    With Boling out it sounds like Glenn is at LG and Jonah at LT.

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    Wonder if they try something different when Boling is back healthy or if this is going to be the lineup.

    Boling in the final year of his deal and they'd save $5M cutting him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyrid View Post
    Wonder if they try something different when Boling is back healthy or if this is going to be the lineup.

    Boling in the final year of his deal and they'd save $5M cutting him.
    They could save Dalton by cutting Hart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason_NC View Post
    They could save Dalton by cutting Hart.
    As I recall Billy Price's moonshot of a snap was how Dalton was injured.

    Sadly, it's probably four years too soon to cut Billy Price....unless they don't pick up his 5th year option.

    Fingers crossed, right?

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    JGVerified account @JoeGoodberry 38m38 minutes agoMore

    Zac Taylor on yesterday's offensive line taking the first starting reps of OTAs. "What you saw out there today is where we wanted to start and give that group the first look."

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    Notebook: Green Likes Uptempo Look; Taylor Wants Execution to Catch Up; Glenn On Guard

    Geoff HobsonSENIOR WRITER

    Zac Taylor (left) and Andy Dalton in their first practice.

    After the Bengals’ first practice of spring Monday, wide receiver A.J. Green (toe) admitted we probably won’t see him until the first day of training camp. But he can’t wait after watching what new head coach Zac Taylor has done to the scheme. He reiterated what he said after he got his first whiff of the playbook last month and woke up the echoes of his first NFL offensive coordinator and current Washington head coach Jay Gruden.

    “The sky’s the limit for this offense,” Green said. “I feel like this offense mirrors a lot when we had Jay. A lot of deep shots and a lot of stuff like that. It could be big. It could be a big year.”

    Every Cincinnati school kid knows Green’s two most prolific seasons came under Gruden with 1,426 yards in 2013 and 1,350 in 2012 and in each season he had a career-high 11 touchdowns. Before he got hurt last season, Green was on pace for 1,374 yards and 12 touchdowns. He looked terrific running routes on the rehab field Monday, has taken some post-workout balls from quarterback Andy Dalton and is confident the surgery on his right toe is a thing of the past.

    Photos: 2019 OTAs Day One

    Take a look inside the first day of the Bengals' Organized Team Activities at Paul Brown Stadium.

    1 / 20

    “When I got hurt, I was playing at a high level so I really don’t stress about that. Injuries you can’t control,” Green said. “It would have been something different if I was out there and my play dipped.”

    Green agreed with the observation Taylor had just conducted the fastest tempo of a practice that he can remember in Bengaldom. Like other players that felt the same way, he liked it.

    “Everything is so fast-paced. We’ve got a lot of plays in and there’s no standing around,” Green said. “Boom. Boom. Boom. Ones (first team) out, twos, ones right back in. I like it. The (tempo) is the biggest difference.”

    UN-TAYLOR MADE: They were fast on offense, but also sloppy. And that came from the head man himself.

    “We just put the ball on the ground unnecessarily,” Taylor said. “It won't matter what our effort is or what our scheme is if we're not doing a great job taking a snap, getting the exchanges then we're going to have a hard time winning games if we do it that way. So tomorrow we expect to be a lot crisper, the communication will be a lot better and we have to keep the ball off the ground and defense we have to create a couple more turnovers. That's the starting point for tomorrow.”

    Taylor’s initial reaction before seeing any tape is that the defense is ahead of the offense and that the offense needs the execution to catch up with the tempo.

    “I think guys knew where to go. It was just getting up to speed on how quickly we want it done, that's the next step in the process,” Taylor said. “I thought the energy was good. Guys came out and they were ready to roll, it's just now a matter of now we've got guys across from us which we haven't had for the last three weeks. Getting used to that tempo and what it's like to compete against somebody. I don't want to make excuses for what today looked like, but we do expect tomorrow to be better.”

    Dalton admitted it wasn’t pristine, but safety Shawn Williams praised him for getting his guys quickly lined up in the new scheme.

    “I think it's just kind of the way things are going right now,” Dalton said of the breezy tempo. “You want to play fast, and I thought we got in and out of the huddle quickly and did some good things.

    “You could tell it was the first day. Obviously we want to be cleaner. We definitely don't want the ball on the ground. There's different things that happened. It's just getting used to the timing of everything.”

    EASING BACK: The remains of one of the most injured seasons ever in Bengaldom were on display Monday and a lot of them, like Green, probably won’t be seen until training camp. Like Green asked, why push it?

    Those on the rehab field: tight ends Tyler Eifert (ankle) and Mason Schreck (ACL), defensive linemen Carl Lawson (ACL) and Ryan Glasgow (ACL), guards Clint Boling (unknown), Christian Westerman (unknown), Alex Redmond (shoulder), Rod Taylor (ACL), safety Trayvon Henderson (ACL), cornerbacks Darqueze Dennard (knee scope) and Darius Phillips (unknown), running backs Joe Mixon (unknown) and Rodney Anderson (ACL).

    OL SHUFFLE: As expected, with Boling out Taylor moved left tackle Cordy Glenn to left guard and first-round pick Jonah Williams lined up at left tackle. Taylor wouldn’t say that’s written in stone, but he likes the way Glenn has responded after playing all 91 of his NFL games at tackle. The best anyone can figure, Glenn last lined up inside during a game when Boling was his left tackle at Georgia nine years ago.

    “I’ve embraced it,” Glenn said and Taylor saluted him after practice

    “I love his mindset, it's been outstanding. He just wants to help us win and that's what you appreciate about Cordy,” Taylor said.

    Since it’s his first combo up front, one could assume that’s the one they think has the best shot of starting Sept. 6 in Seattle. Taylor wouldn’t go that far.

    “We'll find what works best,” Taylor said. “You do want five guys to develop some chemistry with one another and so the more reps they get together the better, but we're going to find that right combination as soon as we can.

    “I think every day it will be a conversation. What you saw out there today is where we wanted to start and give that group the first look. It could change daily, it could for the next four weeks remain the same.”

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    Fast And Furious As Williams Gets Nod at LT

    Geoff HobsonSENIOR WRITER

    Jonah Williams: first Bengals rookie to start an opener at left tackle since the great Anthony Munoz?

    Zac Taylor unveiled the first major personnel move of his head coaching career along the Bengals’ first team offensive line during Monday’s first practice of the spring when he moved incumbent left tackle Cordy Glenn to left guard to make room for first-round pick Jonah Williams’ debut as the left tackle.

    If it holds up for Opening Day in Seattle on Sept. 6, that marks the first time since 1980 and Hall-of-Famer Anthony Munoz that the Bengals line up a rookie at left tackle on Opening Day. Taylor isn’t saying anything of the sort yet.

    “I think every day it will be a conversation,” Taylor said. “What you saw out there today is where we wanted to start and give that group the first look. It could change daily, it could for the next four weeks remain the same.”

    Williams, the rookie that center Billy Price of Ohio State describes as, “We got a good one out of Alabama,” lined up as advertised with seamless SEC efficiency.

    “It’s a good feeling, but it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t prove them right for making that move. That’s my challenge every day,” said Williams after his first day was over.

    It was another day where Taylor let slip some more clues about his embryionic administration. Glenn and Williams had plenty of chances to get on the same page during a break-neck practice where about 100 plays were run as Taylor set his demanding tempo. And the kids aren’t going to sit. Not only did Williams run with the ones, but second-rounder Drew Sample got enough snaps for wide receiver A.J. Green himself to observe, “The young tight end looked real good today.”

    Cordy Glenn eyes his first NFL start at left guard.

    Both rookies got their chances because of injury. Left guard Clint Boling, the only player on the line with more than 100 NFL starts, has been out all spring with an unknown ailment and Taylor has indicated he may not be back until training camp. Starting tight end Tyler Eifert (ankle) and back-up Mason Schreck (ACL), like Green (toe) don’t figure to return until camp and Sample got plenty of work with the first team.

    Of course, everybody got plenty of work as the offense kept rattling off the plays, whether it was quarterbacks Andy Dalton, Jeff Driskel or Ryan Finley calling for the ball. Taylor and Dalton both called it “sloppy.” But Taylor’s tempo, like his culture last month, has been set.

    “It’s intense. It’s the NFL. Really talented guys across the board. The game moves fast,” Williams said. “It was a good first day. A lot to improve on. We got a lot of plays in. A lot of rep to watch on film.”

    But it was probably Glenn, the guy with 91 NFL starts, that had to make an adjustment almost as big as the rookie next to him. All of those starts came at tackle. The last time Glenn played guard in a game? How long has it been? Boling was his left tackle during Glenn’s next-to-last year at Georgia.

    “I’m at a new position. My eyes were kind of wide the first four plays,” said Glenn, who says he’s all in on the move. “I’m out there right now practicing. As soon as they told me, I’m doing everything to prepare. It’s doing your job.”

    But Glenn knows the guard job has a different prospectus. The inside is faster, quicker.

    “Everything is right in front of your face,” Glenn said. “On the outside you can be a little more patient. Take a couple of more steps. On the inside it’s happening right then and there. I just have to get my muscle memory back. It’s been a while.”

    Once Glenn gets squared away, Williams can use his experience at one of the NFL’s more demanding positions. But he says he already has.

    “He’s a veteran guy. He knows his way around,” Williams said. “He has a lot of experience. He knows how to get things done. It’s helpful to have a guy like that next to me. We communicate with each other to make sure we’re on the same page and all that. So it definitely helps.”

    Glenn is taking it all in like you’d think a seven-year vet would after the apparently brief meeting with offensive line coach Jim Turner that Glenn called “A man-to-man talk.”

    Offensive line coach Jim Turner had "a man-to-man talk," with Glenn before the move.

    “That was the end of it,” really, said Glenn, who knew what could happen the night they drafted Williams.

    “When we drafted Jonah,it was going to be different. Especially with that type of investment,” Glenn said. “You have to do whatever to help out the team. That’s what it comes down to, honestly … I ain’t trippin. It’s different. Just embracing it and trying to get better.”

    Here’s how he says he can right now: “Just working on footwork and making those first couple steps, getting them in the ground and that type of stuff. There is always something to work on.”

    Williams is saying the same things.

    “There’s a lot of things to work on,” Williams said. “I just felt good to be out there again for the first time since January and feeling like a football player again.”

    Price, another first-round character pick in the bid to overhaul the offensive line that began last season, likes the view from the middle.

    “We got a good one out of Alabama,” Price said. “He’s a very solid kid. Very mature for his age. He understands the role of being a first- round draft pick here and that expectations are extremely high and he’s living up to it. He’s got to continue to grow into the system and he’ll be OK.”

    The system is off and running at a pretty good clip after day one.

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    Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED’s.

    Used them to try and recover from a torn labrum he was playing with.


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