I have to start off this post by just saying, I'm so excited for this game. Not just because we have 2 surprise teams with 3 wins each, but because we get a taste of my favorite rivalry from the past 10 years. I loved watching the Rams vs. Bucs. Two of the laughingstocks of the late 80's through the late 90's that started to turn it on in the late 90's. The 1999 NFC Championship was a heart breaker for me, but the Monday Nighter the next year is probably my favorite game ever. Just a fun game going back and fourth. Those Monday night games we had with them always seemed special. And it was always a fun rivalry, no we hate this team it was more mutual respect and saying "Hey I'm better than you this time". Also with Rams and Bucs fans, it seemed like a respectful rivalry against the 2 best teams of the day, except for 1999 being a touchy subject. So hopefully we can get back to this rivalry meaning something, with 2 teams that are major players in the NFC every year. It looks like both are building a nice nucleus of players led by franchise quarterbacks.